Thermassure Taps Can Help Families and Businesses Cut Energy Bills

NotJustTaps ‘anti-scald’ tap Thermassure, is proving to be a popular choice by our customers to help them cut their energy bills.  Featuring an innovative safety cartridge which shuts off the water at a maximum of 45 degrees, the Thermassure range of taps save energy by limiting the amount of hot water used and therefore reducing the amount of water used and the cost of heating it.

Speaking on the cost of living crisis, Derek Aaronson founder of NotJustTaps said:

“We are really proud of Thermassure, especially during a time where cost of living is so high, helping families and businesses reduce their energy costs is more important than ever before. Thermassure guarantees maximum temperature stability to prevent scalding whilst saving energy by washing with minimum water and energy usage resulting in savings.”

The Thermassure range of tap has been expanded in the last year and includes many styles for domestic and commercial use. The key features are:

• Water temperature will not exceed 45 degrees
• Cuts off the hot water in the event of a cold-water failure
• Taps fitted with Neoperl aerators for smooth non-splash water stream
• Medical taps fitted with Neoperl laminar-flow clinic aerators which prevent airborne particles entering the stream and thus reducing the spread of infections
• Taps supplied with Mediflex hoses made from non-taint polyethylene liner) WRAS and Worldwide drinking water approved)

How the product works

Heat expands the wax element and drives the piston to reduce the hot water inlet flow rate meaning the outlet temperature will never exceed 45 degrees. If cold water pressure fails, the piston ensures a fast and complete closure of the hot water inlet.

To see the full range please see Thermassure Taps.