Ceramic Repair Kits

Ceramic & Enamel Repair Kits - removes minor marks and damage to baths, basins and ceramic sinks

  • Repairs and removes marks from ceramics, enamel finishes and baths

"Superior repairs for bathroom ceramics, acrylics and stainless steel finishes"

4 Items
Ceramic & Enamel Repair Kit
Ceramic & Enamel Repair Kit

A complete repair kit for damaged ceramics/enamel

Enamel Touch Up Stick
Enamel Touch Up Stick

For repairing minor scratches and blemishes

The Bath Rubber
The Bath Rubber

A special bath rubber to remove marks or scuffs from enamel and ceramics

Tile White Grout Reviver

A whitener to revive dirty and mouldy tile grouting