Universal Replacement Valves and Cartridges for Bathroom & Kitchen Taps

Replacement valves (heads) and cartridges to repair most makes of bathroom and kitchen taps. These replacement parts are quick and easy solutions for repairing dripping taps, leaking taps or for fixing faulty taps that just require new internal parts.

  • These spare parts are universal fitting and will fit most standard bath, basin and kitchen taps
  • All valves are long life European specification & comply with relevant technical standards

Please click here for Bristan Tap Spares

"Our valves fit most makes of taps sold in the UK, if they don't you can return them for a full refund"

Which valve do you need?

You will need to remove your current part and measure it's size. Then simply look for the matching size in our range. Note: If you order spares and they do not fit your tap, you can return them for a full refund. Click here for Help Finding the Correct tap Valve or Cartridge.


Our replacement valves & cartridges are compatible with many different makes of popular taps including Astracacst, Bathstore, Brev, Bristan, Carron, Crosswater, Deva, Hudson Reed, Jacuzzi, Mayfair, Ocean, Sagittarius,Tapmate, Tre Mercati, Ultra and many more. Our cartridges are compatible replacements for many makes of tap cartridges including Kerox cartridges.

"Our valves and cartridges fix more than 95% of the taps they are fitted into" - find your Tap Valve by Brand

DIY Brand Taps

Our tap spares are also compatible with leading DIY brand taps. Click here for more details: Screwfix, B&Q tap spares

Professional Technical Backup

We probably carry the largest range of spare parts for taps in the UK and this is backed up by a professional testing facility Please click here to see: The notjusttaps technical department.

Useful Tap & Water Systems Information

As a guide the following may be useful background information in helping you understand your taps: Understanding BSP Thread Sizes

Water Supply

The cold water feed should always be on the right hand side and the hot feed on the left. One important reason for this is that this helps prevent blind people burning themselves.

Valve Handing

If a tap has 2 handles, then it will require pairs of quarter turn valves - the correct valve for the hot (left hand) side is a left turn/clockwise opening valve. Note: This does not apply to compression valves (rubber washer/wind down) as they are the same on both sides.

Isolation Valves

It is good practice to fit isolation valves to the feed leading to a tap as this allows for simple servicing of the tap.