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Pressure Reducing Valves, Isolator & Side Filler Valves

Pressure reducing valves that ensure safe water pressure to domestic and commercial fittings.

Isolator valves that provide efficient on/off control of the water supply to any bathroom or shower fitting - Isolator valves can easily stop the water to a broken or leaking fitting thus preventing flooding.

  • Water pressure reducing valves for all pipe sizes (15,22 & 28mm)
  • Isolator valves allow water supply to be switched off to any fitting for fast and easy servicing
  • It is recommended that a shut off valve is fitted to control the water supply to douche kits
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Barco Douche Valve

Barco Douche Valve£11.50

A good value stopcock with standard 1/2" x 1/2" connections

Lever Operated Shut Off Valve

Lever Operated Shut Off Valve£13.00

A 1/2" x 1/2" lever on/off valve

SQ Angle Shut Off Valve

SQ Angle Shut Off Valve£15.00

A 1/2" x 1/2" square contemporary on/off valve

Shower Hose Outlet With Shower Head Holder

Shower Hose Outlet With Shower Head Holder£19.75

A shower hose outlet with on/off lever and parking bracket to hold the shower head

North2South Filler Side Valves

North2South Filler Side Valves£127.15

A pair of designer oval bath filler side valves - sends water to any separate outlet 

Joust Lever Side Filler Valves

Joust Lever Side Filler Valves£159.00

A pair of designer lever operated side filler valves

Minima Cross Side Valves

Minima Cross Side Valves£29.50

A minimalist contemporary in wall side valve

Cross Handle Concealed In Wall Shut Off Valve

Cross Handle Concealed In Wall Shut Off Valve£22.00

A quarter turn ˝" x ˝" in wall shut off valve

Kross  Concealed Stopcock/shut Off Valve

Kross Concealed Stopcock/shut Off Valve£28.15

A designer concealed quarter turn ½" x ½" in wall shut off valve

Contract Pressure Reducing Valve

Contract Pressure Reducing Valve£19.98

A value contract standard pressure reducing valve with 22mm fitting/reduces to 15mm

Secure Pressure Reducing Valve by Intatec

Secure Pressure Reducing Valve by Intatec£36.75  -  £64.25

A professional,high accuracy pressure reducing valve for domestic and commercial installation

Double Wall Shower Hose Outlet

Double Wall Shower Hose Outlet£42.50

A double wall outlet providing water to two separate outlets

Straight Service valve - 1/2'' BSP to Compression

Straight Service valve - 1/2" BSP to Compression£2.95

A 1/2" BSP to 15mm compression service valve

Angled Isolating Valve - 15mm Fittings

Angled Isolating Valve - 15mm Fittings£3.75

A 15mm right angled (90°) isolator valve

Non Return 'Check' Valve

Non Return 'Check' Valve£7.25

A non return valve to prevent water backflow


Page 1 of 1:    16 Items
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