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Wall Mounted Towel Racks

Wall Mounted Towel Racks - The perfect way to store your towels whilst keeping them warm and dry!

  • Luxury European towel racks by Gedy, Sonia & Bathroom Origins
  • Compact and standard width towel racks to fit all bathrooms
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Extra Storage
Ascot Double Towel Rack

Ascot Double Towel Rack£140.00

A luxury double towel rack by Gedy

Extra Storage
Ascot Towel Shelf with Arm

Ascot Towel Shelf with Arm£108.50

A luxury towel shelf with extra arm by Gedy

Ascot Towel Shelf

Ascot Towel Shelf£84.50

A luxury towel shelf by Gedy

Extra Storage
Edera Hotel Towel Rack

Edera Hotel Towel Rack£114.55

A non-tarnishing towel shelf with lower arm for extra storage

Edera Hotel Towel Shelf

Edera Hotel Towel Shelf£89.25

A non-tarnishing designer towel storage shelf

Extra Storage
Outline Luxury Designer Towel Rack

Outline Luxury Designer Towel Rack£168.95

A luxury ultra modern 2 tier towel rack

Bridge Towel Holder

Bridge Towel Holder£128.00

A stunning Italian towel holder with 3 sliding rails

Extra Storage
SQ Square Designer Towel Shelf with Arm

SQ Square Designer Towel Shelf with Arm£139.00

A square design luxury towel rack with hanging bar

Extra Storage
Project Double Towel Rack by Sonia

Project Double Towel Rack by Sonia£134.50

A luxury two tier towel rack for high end and specifier bathrooms

Tecno Project Compact Spacesaver Towel Rack with Arm

Tecno Project Compact Spacesaver Towel Rack with Arm£124.50

A narrow (45cm wide) towel rack for bathrooms with limited spaces

Sonia Small Spacesaver Towel Rack

Sonia Small Spacesaver Towel Rack£108.75

A compact, narrow width luxury chrome towel rack

Additions Towel Rack

Additions Towel Rack£69.50

A chrome plated brass 3 tier rack

Jive Arc Hotel Towel Shelf

Jive Arc Hotel Towel Shelf£18.95

A chrome plated steel value arc towel rack

Extra Storage
Artimis Towel Rack With Arm

Artimis Towel Rack With Arm£26.85

A wall mounted stainless steel towel rack with lower arm

The 'U' Curved Spacesaver Towel Rack

The 'U' Curved Spacesaver Towel Rack£28.70

A chrome plated curved spacesaving towel rack with 5 towel bars

3 Tier Swivel Arm Towel Ladder

3 Tier Swivel Arm Towel Ladder£78.00   £23.40

3 level adjustable vertical towel rail


Page 1 of 1:    16 Items
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