Tap Valve & Cartridge Information

Tap valves are sometimes referred as heads, glands & inserts - these terms normally refer to the same part.

The full valve and cartridge range can be found by clicking here: Range of tap valves & cartridges

Valves For Two Handle Taps

Quarter Turn Tap Valves

replacement basin valves

Handed Valves sold in pairs - one clockwise and one anti-clockwise opening.
Available in the following sizes:  1/2" and 3/4" BSP thread sizes.
All valves have M24 upper threads to fit any type of shroud or cover

Compression (Rubber Washer) Tap Valves

Replacement compression valve

Single valves that wind down to open and close - the same valve can be fitted to either hot or cold side as they open in the same direction.
Available in the following sizes: 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" BSP thread sizes

Ceramic Disk Cartridges - Replacement cartridges For Single Lever Taps

Ceramic Disk Cartridges For Single Lever Taps

40mm tap cartridgeReplacement ceramic disk mixer cartridges for single lever taps.
Available in the following diameter sizes: 25mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm and 47mm


Thermostatic Shower Cartridge - Cartridges for thermostatic shower valves

Thermostatic Temperature Control Cartridges

Thermostatic Shower Cartridge - Cartridges for thermostatic shower valves

Cartridges for shower valves that control the mixed water temperature.

Which valve do you need?

You will need to remove your current part and measure it's size. Then simply look for the matching size in our range. Alternatively, you can use the following guidance on our Identification Page or find your Valve by Brand. We also have a helpful video.

We recommend using silicone grease when servicing your tap as this helps the parts fit smoothly together and helps prevent wear and damage.


Our replacement valves & cartridges are compatible with many different makes of popular taps including Astracast, Blanco, Brev, Bristan, Carron, Crosswater, Deva, Franke, Hudson Reed, Jacuzzi, Mayfair, Ocean, Sagittarius, Tapmate, Tre Mercati, Ultra and many more.

These cartridges are compatible replacements for many makes of tap cartridges including Kerox cartridges.

Water Supply

The cold water feed should be on the right hand side and the hot feed on the left - Always switch off the water supply prior to changing a tap valve.

Valves & Handles

If a tap has 2 handles, then it will require either a pair of quarter turn valves or 2 wind down (compression) valves. If a tap has one handle, then it will require a ceramic disk cartridge.

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