Dental & Medical Wall Splashbacks

The use of hygienic splashbacks placed around walls above work surfaces provides a wipeable, easy to clean surface which aids good hygiene practice and helps reduce the time involved in cleaning.

Splashbacks provide a more hygienic surface than tiled, painted or papered walls.

  • Stainless splashbacks are suitable for use in dental, medical and decontamination rooms
  • Made from wipeable stainless steel sheets
  • Bonds to wall surfaces quickly and easily using silicone sealant or glue
  • Made to order sizes usually delivered in 7-10 days

Bespoke Splashbacks

For any splashback requirements, please phone or e-mail us with the quantity and sizes required.

T: 01923 268843

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Dental & Medical Wall Splashbacks
Dental & Medical Wall Splashbacks

To achieve a hygienic, wipe clean splashback we provide stock sized stainless steel splashbacks in 3 lengths - 600, 800 and 1000mm