Expanded Range Of Nursery Toilet Cubicles And Washroom Furniture

We recently expanded our toilet cubicle range with a fantastic offering for nurseries and schools.

The nursery washroom range includes toilet cubicles, vanity units and IPS panel systems designed specifically to suit young children.  Supplied in 13mm Compact Grade laminate for high traffic areas, each design provides privacy, safety and desirable colours for aesthetic appeal to the children. The cubicles are 100% waterproof, include anti-finger trap hinges and easy emergency access with coin release and lift off doors.

We are delighted to offer 3 designs in the range; Wave, Ranch and Lollipop, each one available in a choice of 8 colours. The wide colour range includes a mixture of muted pastel tones, mixed with a vibrant accent yellow and blue, specifically chosen to consider the psychological effects of colour on a child's behaviour, catering to ADHD and autism requirements.

Alongside the washroom furniture we have also sourced some beautiful Corian wash troughs providing a non-porous and hard wearing basin, designed to suit high traffic areas such as leisure centres, schools and nurseries. Available in two styles, Standard and Wave, customers can choose a length suitable for one to six users or indeed buy two lengths and butt them together.

One of the main advantages of Corian is the continuous solid surface that you can create in a washroom, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also less areas for dirt and grime to get trapped and build up. Cleaning and maintenance is so simple and the non porous surface means they are resistant to mould or mildew.

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