The Importance of TMV Valves For Hairdressing Salons

Scalding can be a common problem in hairdresser salons, resulting in client injury. Scalds can occur due to a variety of factors, from faulty water heater thermostats to faulty or missing temperature regulating valves at the hot water source.

Water heaters are mostly set to run at temperatures above 55°C to limit development of bacteria like Legionella in the water supply. Running water above 43°C can be exceptionally painful and above 55°C can cause severe scalding.

A thermostatic mixing valve (TMV valve) mixes cold water with hot water at the point of discharge, producing a water flow at a safe temperature of 41°C. TMV valves are designed to maintain the desired water temperature, even if there are changes in water pressure or flow rates.

To ensure safety of customers, thermostatic mixing valves are essential in preventing scalding accidents when using hairdressing sinks.  As well as providing specialist salon taps for the hairdressing industry, we also have a selection of TMV valves which can easily be fitted to ensure that water remains at a safe temperature for clients and hairdresser.


The Intamix Failsafe Thermostatic Mixing Valve is both TMV2 & TMV3 approved which means it's suitable for both domestic and healthcare environments.