Hygiene in Beauty, itís the law!

  • Spas and salons: a potential breeding ground for colds, flu, viruses and skin conditions
  • Practicing good hygiene in a beauty environment doesn’t have to look ugly
  • Ensuring a good clean reputation is vital to boost client confidence in a competitive market
  • Beauticians face fines or even imprisonment for breaking health and safety regulations

Hygiene supply specialists Notjusttaps is helping to raise awareness among beauty professionals about the potential health risks inside salons and spas across the UK and is urging business owners to check they’re up to date on health and safety.

The Hertfordshire based online business is offering free impartial advice to those in the trade about hygiene, and says how little things like attention to cleanliness can mean the difference between a bustling business and a reputation in ruin.

“If you are planning to open, build or refurbish a beauty therapy salon, speak to us at Notjusttaps and we will be happy to offer guidance and advice on suitable taps, sinks and related hand-washing products.”
Said Notjusttaps’ Derek Aaronson.

All salons in the UK have to conform to complex Health and Safety regulations. Legislation is constantly changing and can be difficult to keep up with. On top of that salons and spas can also be subject to byelaws made by Local Authorities that vary from area to area.

“I would urge all salon owners to check with their local council that they’re up to date and operating legally. Being compliant doesn’t just instill confidence in clients, it’s the law.“ said Derek.

The UK’s beauty industry is said to be worth in excess of £15billion1. Financial foreacasts predict 8.5 per cent growth by 20142. New salons, spas, and skin care clinics are popping up on our streets daily, all jostling to cash in on a slice of our vanity. But breaking the rules could be costly with legal penalties for breaching health and safety including fines and even imprisonment.

“In a business where skin to skin contact is common, such as manicures, massage, pedicures and facials, if proper hygiene is not practiced there’s a potential breeding ground for bacteria and possible hazards to our health. We have between two and ten million bacteria between our elbow and fingertips,” said Derek.

“Something as simple as not washing your hands properly can lead to the transmission of bugs such as colds, the flu and other viruses like the notorious Norovirus. Cleanliness, and a professional approach to hygiene and wellbeing are crucial to a business’s survival and its reputation.”

One of the most important elements when implementing professional hygiene standards is to install appropriate washing facilities in close proximity to where therapists are working.

Notjusttaps advises and supplies salons with specialist equipment such as sinks and taps with extended levers that allow elbow operation, and also, infra-red ‘non touch’ taps.

“Being health and safety compliant and practicing good hygiene in an industry where looking good is so important, doesn’t have to be ugly.” advised Derek.

Notjusttaps supplies salons with sinks and taps that meet the required hygiene standards whilst looking stylish, ‘spa-like’ and fit for purpose.

“When you visit a beauty salon, you want to come away feeling relaxed, pampered and looking your best. What you don’t want is to leave with, is a nasty bug, a skin infection or worse.” Said Derek.