Disabled Facilities Grants And VAT Relief For Disabled People

Do you qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant to make accessible changes to your kitchen or bathroom?

Did you know that there are several grants available in the UK to help if you are disabled and need supportive equipment or need to make adaptations to your bathroom or kitchen. This may be for simple measures such as grab bars to assist with getting in and out of the bath or adding a shower seat for those with balance issues. Or you may need a walk-in bath or shower.

How much can you receive for a Disabled Facilities Grant?

What you can get from your local council will depend on your household income and household savings over £6,000. In England grants are available up to £30,000, in Wales up to £36,000, in Northern Island up to £25,000 and in Scotland they offer support for equipment and adaptations rather than a formal Disabled Facilities Grant. Please note these figures are according to gov.uk in June 2022.

Depending on your income, you may need to pay towards the cost of the changes in your home. It is also worth noting that disabled children under the age of 18 can receive a grant without their parents’ income being taken into account.

Who is eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant?

The person living at the property must be disabled and either you or the person you’re applying for must own the property or be the tenant. When applying the disabled person must intend to live in the property during the grant period which is currently 5 years. Landlords are also able to apply on behalf of a disabled tenant.

How do you apply?

You need to apply through your local council who will arrange for a care assessment of your needs and discuss the changes that could be made at your property.

Did you know disabled people can also benefit from VAT relief on some products?

Disabled people can also be eligible for VAT relief on products that have been designed solely for disabled individuals and if you are over the age of 60 you can buy some mobility aids at a reduced rate of 5% VAT.

What does it mean by ‘designed solely for disabled people’?

This means that the sole purpose of the product has been created in order to aid a disabled person, such:
- Grab bars
- Easy grip and long lever taps
- Accessible sinks 
- Walk-in baths
- Shower seats

How do you show evidence that you meet the criteria for a VAT free product?

The company you are buying the goods from will ask you to complete a declaration form to ensure you meet the HMRC criteria and then they will refund you the VAT when you purchase the goods.

Reduced rate of VAT for the over 60s

If you are over 60, but not disabled, you can also benefit from a reduced rate of VAT on some mobility aids for your home whereby you only pay 5% VAT. Examples include goods such as grab rails, shower seats and accessible taps.


If you would like to discuss your needs, you can speak to one of our sales team and they will be very happy to assist you. You can also visit the Government website for more details.