Compliant Taps & Sanitary fittings - the Disability Discrimination Act

When installing taps and grab rails in any public building, it is important that compliance of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) is considered. The aim of the DDA is to ensure that sanitary accommodation is accessible to everybody, including those with disabilities.

Disability Discrimination Act – Points to Consider

There are a few points contained in the DDA that are particularly relevant to taps and grab rails, and the measures that should be taken to ensure those with disabilities can use them with minimum difficulty. These include the following guidelines for compliance:

  • Taps should be operable by people with limited strength or manual dexterity.
  • Taps should operable either by automatic sensor or lever action (capable of being operated using a closed fist).
  • The surface finish of sanitary fittings and grab bars should contrast visually with background wall and floor finishes.

Compliant Taps
Notjusttaps’  Ability tap range are ideal for those with disabilities or limited dexterity, and fully comply with DDA requirements. They include Easyturn technology, which enables those who have trouble with grip, such as arthritis sufferers, to turn them easily. The taps in the Ability range are lever-operated, so can be turned on and off with a closed fist, wrist or elbow, and include a soft lever in grey, which contrasts to the rest of the tap fitting for visual aid.

Alternatively  where fully touchless taps are required, Notjusttaps offers  a range of sensor taps with infra-red sensor technology. These taps are compliant with DDA requirements as they can be turned on easily without the need for gripping or turning a handle, which may be difficult for those with disabilities. They turn on and off automatically when the sensor is activated, without the need for contact.

Compliant Grab Rails
In order for grab rails to be compliant with DDA requirements, they need to be visible against the wall to which they are attached. Notjusttaps has multiple options available, including plastic or epoxy coated rails in white that would show up well against dark backgrounds, or chrome and stainless steel coloured rails that show up against light backgrounds. There is also the option of an antibacterial copper rail in a distinctive brass colour that stands out against a range of different wall colours. With these contrasting options available, Notjusttaps large range of grab rails will provide additional mobility and support for a wide range of disabilities.


The healthcare  sales team can help advise on relevant taps & fittings for anyone looking to meet DDA compliance. Visit or phone the dedicated sales team on 01923 268843 for information or guidance.