Case Study - Glastonbury Festival

NotJustTaps was once again delighted to be asked to supply hand washing, toilet and urinal products for the 2023 Glastonbury Festival. 


Catering for a quarter of a million festival goers is quite the challenge and the organisers wanted eco-friendly products to ensure precious water was not wasted. We provided hundreds of our timed-flow taps, along with timed flow toilet and urinal flushes which limited water flow, reducing water consumption across the whole site.

Fortunately this is an area where we have many years experience and were delighted to help save water at such a large scale, prestigious event. 

  • Water saving taps
  • Water saving toilets
  • Water saving urinals
  • Hard wearing products for regular use


We stock a large range of non-concussive timer taps which automatically turned off after a set number of seconds. We also stock timed flushes for toilets and urinals which limit the amount of water used and are the preferred environmentally conscious choice.