Understanding IPS Panels

What Are IPS Panels?

IPS stands for Integrated Panel Systems and are wall fitted ‘boxed’ furniture systems used in medical, healthcare & NHS properties as a means of fitting handwashing taps and basins whilst concealing the services connected to them.

IPS panels are designed to prevent dirt build up by concealing the services and to allow easier cleaning of the exposed surfaces.

IPS panels (sometimes also referred to as IPS Units) are usually made in one piece with removable access panels at the front to which the taps and basin are fitted. The removable panels allow access to the services connected to the taps and basins for easier maintenance.

IPS panels allow facilities to meet Healthcare Standards (HBN) 00-10.

Choice of two sizes

IPS panels are available in two sizes, in both cases they provide a closed/sealed area where the services are located:

  • Half height panels that have sloping tops to prevent the unit being used as a shelf
  • Full height units that are used where the panel goes into the ceiling – in this instance it will normally be going into ceiling tiles


What Are They Made From?

IPS panels are constructed as one piece carcasses to eliminate joints which can harbor dirt and bacteria. A single piece carcass is both easier and quicker to clean.

They are normally made from a substrate of moisture resistant MDF with a seamless one-piece laminate face throughout the whole unit – this laminate will be both water and abrasion resistant.

Some units have the option of an adjustable plinth which some customers prefer when laminate flooring is being fitted up the plinth to ensure a smooth dirt resistant join.


How Do They Work?

IPS units ensure that there are no fittings under the taps and basin allowing easier access and providing a totally clean space.

They should be fitted to already finished walls and so create a ‘duct’ in which the services that tend to be dirt traps are isolated and concealed whilst still allowing rapid access when needed.

Due to IPS panels being made from one piece laminate they are splash resistant and provide better resistance to cleaning chemicals that could cause delamination.

IPS Panels are designed to be part of your infection control process.


Which Taps & Basins Are Compatible with IPS Panels?

These units require both wall mounted taps and basins. Whilst any elbow lever wall mounted tap may be chosen, it is generally advised to choose an HTM64 sequential action thermostatic tap that meet HBN standards.

The fitting of a basin without overflow is important and basins with back outlet wastes are recommended.


Key benefits of IPS panels

  • One piece carcass with zero joint lines aiding infection control
  • Easy to install
  • Full height panels can be cut to suit ceiling height
  • Removable panels allows easy access to services for repair and maintenance
  • Designed for easy cleaning and dust control to assist with decontamination
  • Laminate surface means it is water resistant


Follow this link to view our full selection of IPS panels, IPS tap and basin bundles, and medical worktops.