Infection Control For Opthalmic Practitioners


This page is written to provide practical guidance to assist in the selection of suitable hand washing equipment for use by healthcare professionals.

Further information can be obtained from numerous bodies including the CQC, NHS and local PCT authorities


Handwashing for Opticians, Optomotrists & Ophthalmic Practitioners

The College Of Optomotrists provides guidelines and advice for the standards required to maintain infection control.
In conjunction with these guidelines, Notjusttaps Medical division recommends the installation of an inset ‘no overflow’ stainless sink combined with extended lever elbow tap to provide cost effective handwashing facilities that comply with current HTM & CQC guidelines.
Where there is an existing sink or basin, elbow operated taps should be installed as the basic equipment to be used in conjunction with recommended handwashing procedures.

We are happy to provide advice and suggestions as to the most suitable taps for use in existing ophthalmic practices


The College of Optomotrists

The College of Optomotrists provides extensive, relevant guidance and advice which we recommend as a reference for infection control. it can be viewed or downloaded here: A03 Infection Control

This document covers the full infection control remit however the following topics are particularly relevant to handwashing and use of suitable equpment:

  • Hand hygiene (A3.16)
  • Hand washing agents (A3.22)
  • Hand washing technique (A3.25)