Installation & Care For Non Concussive (Timer) Taps

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Non Concussive  Taps
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Non concussive taps (sometimes referred to as percussion taps) are taps or water controls that produce a timed flow of water by depressing the control or push button and then self close after a period of time


These taps or controls self closing after a short period of time thus reducing both water and energy consumption and in addition help prevent damage caused by flooding.
Most taps run for a fixed period of time but may be adjustable with certain taps

Areas of Use

Commercial areas including schools, healthcare, hospitality (hotels, restaurants) and public washrooms

Installation, Care & Servicing

Correct installation together with regular servicing is required to ensure optimal performance - In particular, failure to ensure that the taps remain free from dirt or scale buildup will affect the taps performance


  • Prior to installation the water supply should be run to remove any debris within the pipework
  • An accessible filter is should be fitted to prevent impurities entering the tap
  • If a number of taps are fitted in series, adequate water supply must be provided to allow for simultaneous use
  • Taps should be installed within the recommended operating pressures - this is normally a minimum of 1 bar and a maximum of 5 bar
    • Note: Insufficient pressure may result in the tap not shutting off
  • Operating temperature should not exceed 70°
  • These taps should never be  exposed to freezing temperatures, therefore if fitted outside they must be thoroughly lagged and protected against cold  weather and one should remove the cartridge from the tap during periods of freezing weather

Care & Maintenance

Note: Prior to removal of the head valve (cartridge) the water supply should be shut off

  • Taps fitted with aerators may experience a buildup behind the aerator that with time will restrict the flow and reduce the effectiveness of the timer cartridge resulting in the tap not shutting off correctly. This should be addressed by simply unscrewing the aerator and rinsing any material from the back of the aerator
  • The timer cartridge should be periodically unscrewed and cleaned of any dirt (this can vary from every 6 months to more than 12 months depending on the amount of material in the water supply
  • Limescale stains should be removed from the tap using a suitable 'chrome friendly' cleaner 
  • Alcohol based cleaners should not be applied to internal plastic components or rubber components  
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or brushes on the internal parts  

Common Problems

Problem Cause Solution
The jet comes out twisted/uneven Dirt in the aerator Unscrew the aerator, clean it and refit it
Water does not shut off Dirt inside the cartridge Remove the cartridge from the tap, take off the small plastic put and carefully clean it (do not use harsh abrasives). 
    Remove the aerator, clean and refit if required
  Low water pressure The tap may not function if the pressure is below the minimum recommended  
The tap takes longer than normal to close   Remove the cartridge and clean all internal areas of the tap and also carefully clean the cartridge