Hand Hygiene - Selection of Relevant Hand Washing Taps, Sinks & Equipment

This page is written to provide practical guidance to assist in the selection of suitable hand washing equipment for use by healthcare professionals.

Further information can be obtained from numerous bodies including the CQC, NHS and local PCT authorities


Relevant sectors will include medical, minor surgery, general practitioners & dental practitioners.
This may also be helpful for non invasive healthcare practitioners such as opticians


Infection Control

Hand Hygiene is considered one of the most critical elements in reducing the spread of infection. Whilst the remit for infection control is widespread and should be considered in its' entirety, the guidance in this article refers only to the provision of equipment for hand washing facilities.


Hand Wash Basins, Sinks & Taps

  • Basins & Sinks should not have overflow, plugs or chain stays
  • Taps should be elbow operated (extended lever), sensor operated or knee/foot operated
  • The spout must not be located directly over the waste outlet as this can lead to splash back of micro-organisms from the waste drain
  • A free draining  unslotted (non overflow) waste outlet without plug should be fitted to sink/waste

Note: The setting of a maximum water temperature may be required in some circumstances which can be achieved with the use of a TMV approved thermostatic blending valve

Supplementary Equipment

  • Hand disinfectant and soap dispensers should be of the wall mounted types
  • Paper towels must always be used and towel dispensers should be wall mounted within easy access of the washbasin
  • A foot operated pedal bin should be used in conjunction with the above


As a guide, the handwashing facility should be away from areas where splashing occurs and should be outside curtained examination rooms where applicable


Product Selection

Should you have any questions regarding compatability of these products, please contact the Notjusttaps technical sales department to discuss your requirements.
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