Infection Control For Accupuncturists, Body piercers and Tattooists

What do accupuncturists, Body piercers and tattooists have in common?

Not a lot at first glance…. but they all have similar hygiene requirements for infection control. When you think about it each one carries out procedures of a comparatively similar invasive level.

Each practitioner should not only ensure they provide safe premises but have a duty of care to safeguard the health and safety of the patient/client.

Basic handwashing is an essential part of good hygiene to be carried out in conjunction with the correct medical standard elbow taps or if preferred knee/foot operated taps.

A separate decontamination sink for cleaning/sterilisation is recommended – ‘no overflow‘ sinks whilst not legally required are preferred  to reduce the pooling of contaminated water within the overflow.

Provision of the correct washing facilities is not a substitute for poor hygiene. Correct handwashing tecniques and routine hygiene procedures are the cornerstone of proper client/patient care.

Other areas for consideration include the following:

  • Proper record keeping
  • Protective clothing wear
  • Avoidance and management of sharps injuries
  • Provision of cleanable work surfaces
  • Decontamination of equipment
  • Waste management

The Notjusttaps medical division are able to advise on all aspects of handwashing equipment and associated equipment.

There are a variety of bodies able to provide clear concise information and advice for practitioners.

British Acupuncture Council – Code of safe practice (This downloads a PDF)


Notjusttaps Medical – Hand Washing Equipment