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Commercial Sanitaryware- Bespoke Orders

Commercial Sanitaryware- Bespoke Orders

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Designer Shower Curtains

Designer pattern shower curtains, fun designs that are ideal for childrens bathrooms and our newly introduced luxury Swiss curtains by Spirella & German shower curtains from Ridder.

  • RIDDER DESIGNER CURTAINS - Fun Designer Shower Curtains
  • SPIRELLA SHOWER CURTAINS - Colourful Patterned Shower Curtains

"They're great for brightening up  kids bathrooms"

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Fun Ducks Value Shower Curtain

Fun Ducks Value Shower Curtain£7.95

A great value, colourful shower curtain decorated with yellow ducks

Fun Penguins Value Shower Curtain

Fun Penguins Value Shower Curtain£7.95

A great value colourful shower curtain decorated with penguins

'Fontana' Floral Shower Curtain

'Fontana' Floral Shower Curtain£14.50   £8.98

A turquoise floral leaf design shower curtain made from PEVA plastic

Dandelion Shower Curtain

Dandelion Shower Curtain£10.95

A polyester fabric curtain with a colourful dandelion print

Plain Blue Shower Curtain

Plain Blue Shower Curtain£10.95

A 100% polyester fabric white shower curtain -supplied with hooks

Diamond Black Shower Curtain

Diamond Black Shower Curtain£11.75

A black polyester shower curtain with a subtle diamante effect

Diamond White Shower Curtain

Diamond White Shower Curtain£11.75

A white polyester shower curtain with a subtle diamante effect

The 'Noir' Shower Curtain - Black

The 'Noir' Shower Curtain - Black£11.75

A luxury polyester facbric shower curtain with a black 'jacquard' print

Metro 'Trainline' Shower Curtain

Metro 'Trainline' Shower Curtain£12.85

A PEVA hand washable shower curtain with a cool trainline design

Bazil - The Fun, Funky Shower Curtain

Bazil - The Fun, Funky Shower Curtain£13.50

A funky washable shower curtain decorated with fun, blue characters

Ducky - Funky Coloured Shower Curtain

Ducky - Funky Coloured Shower Curtain£13.50

A fun, multicoloured ducky shower curtain made from PVC

The Fun Zoo Shower Curtain

The Fun Zoo Shower Curtain£13.75

A polyester fabric shower curtain with a fun, colourful animal print design

'Make Up' Shower Curtain

'Make Up' Shower Curtain£13.90

A fun shower curtain that's definitely one for the girls

Crazy Shower Curtain

Crazy Shower Curtain£13.90

A funky plastic shower curtain with a 'crazy' character design

Splash Funtime Shower Curtain

Splash Funtime Shower Curtain£13.90

A colourful curtain to brighten up any shower

Froggy Shower Curtain

Froggy Shower Curtain£13.95

A funky green frog themed shower curtain

Bertha Shower Curtain

Bertha Shower Curtain£15.50

A clear PVC shower curtain decorated with lots of funky chickens

Bobbing Along Shower Curtain

Bobbing Along Shower Curtain£15.50

A fun shower curtain full of little ducks 'bobbing along'

Clownfish Shower Curtain

Clownfish Shower Curtain£15.50

A fun shower curtain with a bright clownfish design

Party Shower Curtain

Party Shower Curtain£15.50

A bright, colourful value for money shower curtain

Spotty Shower Curtain

Spotty Shower Curtain£15.50

A brightly coloured shower curtain full of blue and green spots

Waterdrops Shower Curtain

Waterdrops Shower Curtain£15.50

A vibrant blue shower curtain with a visual waterdrop print effect

Orka Fun Shower Curtain

Orka Fun Shower Curtain£15.90

A colourful blue shower curtain with a fun killer whales design

Metallic Shower Curtain - Black

Metallic Shower Curtain - Black£17.50

A luxury shower curtain with a metallic print flower pattern

Metallics Shower Curtain - Plum

Metallics Shower Curtain - Plum£17.50

Metallics Shower Curtain - Plum

The 'Cat' Anti-Bacterial Shower Curtain

The 'Cat' Anti-Bacterial Shower Curtain£18.95

An anti bacterial shower curtain with a 'cat' decorative design

Starfish Luxury Shower Curtain by Spirella

Starfish Luxury Shower Curtain by Spirella£19.50

A cool blue starfish design shower curtain by Spirella of Switzerland

Childrens Garden Shower Curtain

Childrens Garden Shower Curtain£19.95

A fun caroon filled kids shower curtain

Hopscotch Shower Curtain

Hopscotch Shower Curtain£19.95

A childrens curtain with a bold hopscotch design

'2CV' Car Shower Curtain

'2CV' Car Shower Curtain£27.50

A luxury polyester textile shower curtain with a funky 2CV car design

The Loop Shower Curtain

The Loop Shower Curtain£27.50

A luxury textile shower curtain with a funky spiral loop design

Tulip Luxury Shower Curtain - Purple

Tulip Luxury Shower Curtain - Purple£27.50

A luxury polyester curtain decorated with giant purple tulips

Fiori Luxury Textile Shower Curtain

Fiori Luxury Textile Shower Curtain£28.25

A designer curtain made from 100% polyester fabric

Magic Shower Curtain - Black

Magic Shower Curtain - Black£29.50

A clever shower curtain with built in curtain hooks

Magic Shower Curtain - White

Magic Shower Curtain - White£29.50

A clever shower curtain with built in curtain hooks

Malawi Shower Curtain

Malawi Shower Curtain£31.00

A luxury shower curtain full of brightly coloured tropical fish

Penguin Shower Curtain

Penguin Shower Curtain£31.00

A luxury curtain for penguin lovers


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