Hart Medical HTM64 Stainless Steel Dental Sinks



A complete range of speciality stainless steel sinks for hospital, medical, dental, pharmacy,decontamination and laboratory use.

  • All sinks supported by a 10 Year manufacturers warranty
  • Complete matching ranges of medical standard taps, thermostatic safety controls, waste outlet fittings and hygiene fittings

Note: All prices shown are inclusive of VAT and free delivery over £100


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DENTAL SINKS - Special value bowls for mounting on dental furniture or worktops 

Value circular dental sink

About: The Hart 370 Inset Dental Sink    

Compact 420mm diameter dental & medical sink. £84.50

Square dentists sink

About: The Hart 2330 Inset Dental Bowl  

Compact rectangular 340 x 280 dental/medical compliant sink. £95.50

Large square inset dental sink 
About: The Hart 3530 Inset Dental Sink  

Standard Rectangular 350 x 400 dental/medical compliant sink. £99.50

About: The Compact Dental Rinse Bowl  

A spacesaving 30cm dental rinse bowl. £93.50

About: The Hart 4035 Rinse Sink   

A large rectangular 40 x 45cm rinse sink. £108.50


ULTRA SINKS - Extra Large, extra deep bowls with high chemical resistance

4040 chemical resistant dental/decontamination bowl

About: The Ultra 4040 Inset Dental Sink

A 44 x 44cm bowl made from 316 grade stainless for high resistance to aggressive chemicals. £239.85

Ultra 5040 chemical resistant sental sink

About: The Ultra 5040 Inset Dental Sink

A 54 x 44cm bowl made from 316 grade stainless for high resistance to aggressive chemicals. £289.85


ONE TAP HOLE BOWLS - Bowls with integral single tap holes
1 tap hole medical sink 

About:The Hart Round '1 Tap Hole' Sink

A round medical bowl with single integral tap hole. £145


About: The Compact Commercial Series Double Bowl Sink

A compact size two bowl 'no overflow' medical/dental use sink. £115



Medical specification sink with drainer
About: The Hart B10 Sink With Drainer

A no overflow healthcare grade sink with drainer - reversible to be fitted left or right handed. £86.25



HIGH VOLUME SINKS - Sinks with ultra large bowls

High volume decontamination room sink 

About: The Jumbo Ultra High Capacity Sink

An ultra large single bowl sink for laboratory, sterilisation and decontamination use. £315.00

Extra deep medical room sink
About: The Hart 'K' Ultra Deep  Sink

An extra deep (25cm deep) large capacity medical/hygiene use sink. £487.50



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