The Premium Integrated Wall Mounted Stainless Handwash Basin

A high specification 'no overflow' wall mounted  handwash basin available with no tap hole (for wall mounted taps) or a single right handed tap hole for surface mounted taps 

  • Integrated design incorporates flush grated waste and concealed trap ready to connect to your services 
  • Made from 304 grade stainless
  • This basin is suitable for high use in hospitals, clinics, healthcare use
  • Rounded design ensures cleaning is fast and easy
  • No sharp edges prevents accidents
  • Stylish low profile design conceals services



Width: 360mm

Reach from wall: 365mm

Height: 250mm


Suggested Taps

Wall mounted HTM64 tap

Surface mounted Lever tap






Finishes Available:

Satin stainless steel



Select Product:

No Tap Hole (for wall fitted taps) £298.75

1 TAP HOLE £298.75



Select Quantity:

Pland Secure Shrouded Wall Basin

Premium Secure Shrouded Wall Basin