Intatec Failsafe Isolating TMV Mixing Valve - 15mm/22mm


A TMV2 & TMV3 approved  failsafe thermostatic mixing valve for safely blending hot and cold water feeds to a safe water temperature. The valves have isolating service valves to shut off the water supply without any disruption


  • TMV2 & TMV3 Scheme approved
  • 15mm or 22mm pipe sizes
  • built in strainers to help filter out impurities
  • Delivers temperature safe  hot water to taps, showers & water outlets
  • Compact, spacesaving design

Areas of Use

Healthcare, Nursing Homes, Schools & Educational, Leisure Centres, Domestic Bathrooms


Technical Information/Sizes

Temp adjustment range: 30-50 degrees C

Temperature stability: +/- 2 degrees C

Max inlet temperature: 85 degrees C

Operating pressure: 0.2-10 bar

Height:98mm , Width:132mm (pipe inlet centres)







National Health Service Model Engineering Specification D08



15mm Valve: £89.15

22mm Valve £104.15



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£89.15: 15mm Valve

£104.15: 22mm Valve

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15mm Intamix isolating TMV valve

Intamix Failsafe Isolating TMV Valve - 15mm

Intamix 22mm Isolating TMV valve

Intamix Failsafe Isolating TMV Valve  - 22mm