15mm IntaMix Thermostatic Failsafe Mixing Valve

A TMV2 failsafe thermostatic mixing valve for safely blending hot and cold water feeds to a safe water temperature.

  • TMV2 Scheme approved
  • 15mm inlet size
  • Ideal for combination with single feed taps eg sensor taps, non concussive taps etc.
  • Suitable for home/ residential use.

Technical Information

Temp adjustment range: 30-50 degrees C

Temperature stability: +/- 2 degrees C

Max inlet temperature: 85 degrees C

Max operating pressure: 10 bar



£51.25 each 

**Buy 5 for £199.95 including VAT**



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£199.95 (Pack of 5)

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15mm Intamix thermostatic mixing valve

15mm IntaMix Thermostatic Blending Valve