Water Disinfection Systems - Legionella Prevention


UV disinfection systems for commercial, pharmaceutical  & medical practice water systems designed to kill water viral & bacterial organisms including legionella (legionnaires disease)

If you are unsure of the quality of your water supply or simply looking for peace of mind security, these UV disinfection systems provide the solution.

  • For treating legionella  in at risk water supply systems
  • Kills multiple other micro organisms eg  E-Coli, Cyyptosporidium, Campylobacter
  • Low running cost and easy to maintain

Note: All necessary service parts eg replacement bulbs, sleeves and filter cartridges are available to ensure full long term operation




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About: The Cal-Ultra UV Water Disinfection System

A complete water disinfection system in 3 flow sizes to provide guaranteed sterile water. £566-£1028

About: The Replacement Sterilising UV Disinfection Bulb

A replacement ultra violet bulb for our disinfection systems. £109.95

About: The Replacement Quartz Sleeve

A replacement sleeve for the disinfection bulbs. £56.00

About: The Replacement Filter Cartridge

A replacement cartridge for the system prefilters. £18.65

High Volume Commercial  Disinfection

Cal-Commecial Ultra Violet Disinfection Systems

High volume disinfection suited to large buildings - Please call for more information