Drain & Pipe Cleaners & Unblockers

Powerful products for cleaning and unblocking drains and pipes. 

  • Fast acting unblockers
  • Limescale cleaners & removers
  • Gloves and goggles for safe with strong cleaners

Note: These cleaners contain powerful acids and chemicals - please read & follow instructions carefully and use protective goggles and gloves


Faren Organic Chemicals

faren citrus

About: Faren Citrus Organic Cleaner/Descaler

A safe, non-hazardous cleaner/degreaser for bathrooms & kitchens. £8.25

About: Faren Organic Descaler

A power descaler that doesn't affect plastic or metal surfaces. £5.98

Faren organic

About: Faren Original Organic Unblocker

A natural enzyme based cleaner and unblocker for clearing drains, plug holes etc. £5.98

Drain & Pipe Unblockers


About: One-Shot Drain Unblocker

A powerful sulphuric acid based drain unblocker for even the most stubborn blockages. £7.55


About: Shift-It Drain Opener

Drain cleaner and opener for both regular and emergency use. £9.68


About: Power Crystals Pipe Opener

A powerful home and professional use drain & pipe cleaner - powder based. £7.55

Other Anti-Limescale Descalers


About: Dagger 'Spirit of Salts' Limescale Remover

Acid based descaling liquid -  also removes rust. From £9.85

Super Descalers/Shower Cleaners

Super Descalers/ Shower Cleaners

Powerful descalers to eliminate even the hardest, most stubborn limescale.



Safety Wear - Sensible protection for hands and eyes

About: The PVC Safety Gloves

Tough hand protecting PVC gloves - one size fits all. £2.95


About: The Safety Goggles

Eye protecting safety goggles. £2.95



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