Bathroom Towel Racks & Rails


Our towel rack range include wall fitted towel racks and rails together with floor standing towel shelves at prices to suit all budgets. The towel racks are made from a variety of materials including durable chrome plated brass, stainless steel and laquered natural wood.

  • Massive range of towel racks with prices starting from under £20
  • Choice of wall fitted and freestanding towel rails
  • Brands include Gedy, Blue Canyon, Ocean, Sagittarius, Wenko & Wireworks

***New Gold Plated Towel Racks now available: Click Here***




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Wall Mounted Towel Racks - wall fitted towel racks and rails

Luxury Italian Towel Rack

About: The Bridge Towel Holder

A stunning Italian towel holder with 3 sliding rails. £125

Sonia project towel rack

About: The Project Towel Rack by Sonia

A luxury two tier towel rack for high end and specifier bathrooms. £134.50

Square design towel rack

About: The SQ Towel Rack

A square design luxury towel rack with hanging bar. £129

Ascot Double Towel Rack

About: The Ascot Double Towel Rack

A luxury double towel rack by Gedy. £129

Chrome on brass towel rack

About: The Premier Towel Rack

5 bar deluxe towel rack. Manufactured from hand finished chrome plated solid brass. Especially recommended for hotels and commercial use. £72

About: The Ascot Towel Shelf With Arm

A luxury towel shelf with extra arm by Gedy. £89

Towel shelf with arm

About: The Amici Hotel Towel Shelf With Arm

Solid Brass towel rack with extra shelf. Recommended for hotel and commercial use. £89

About: The Ascot Towel Shelf

A luxury towel shelf by Gedy. £69

Hotel towel rack

About: The Additions Towel Rack

A chrome plated brass 3 tier rack. £69.50

Arc towel rack

About: The Hotel Arc Towel Rack

Versatile towel rack made from chrome plated steel with a top shelf. £36

U Hotel Towel Rack

About: The 'U' Hotel Towel Rack

A chrome plated curved spacesaving towel rack with 5 towel bars. £28.70

About: The 3 Tier Towel Rack

3 tier towel rack. Made from chrome plated steel and is supplied with all fixings. £26 

Hotel Style Towel Racks

Edera towel shelf

About: The Edera Hotel Towel Shelf

A non-tarnishing designer towel storage shelf. £81.25

Edera hotel towel rach with lower arm

About: The Edera Hotel Towel Rack

A non-tarnishing towel shelf with lower arm for extra storage. £114.55

'No Drilling Needed' Towel Racks - Towel racks that conveniently hook on

Spirella towel holder

About: The Spirella Over The Door Towel Holder

Non rusting stainless steel towel holder that hooks over any standard door. £24.99

Over Radiator towel rail

About: The Radiator 'Hook-On' Towel Rail

An ingenious towel rail that fits on any curved radiator pole. £17.95

Overdoor towel rack                                       

About: The Overdoor Towel Rack                   

An easy to fit towel store that simply hooks over your door. £10.85                  




Towel Rails, Ladders and Shelves

Contemporary 45cm Towel Rail

About: The Contemporary 45cm Towel Rail

Contemporary 45cm towel rail with concealed fixing system. £32

Contemporary 60cm Towel Rail

About: The Contemporary 60cm Towel Rail

Contemporary 60cm towel rail with concealed fixing system. £38

About: The Double Bar towel rail

Double bar deluxe towel rail £49

About: 3 Tier Towel Ladder

3 level adjustable vertical towel rail. £78

About: Combi Shelf

Combination towel rail and glass shelf. £65


Stainless Steel Towel Racks - Non tarnish towel racks

Stainless steel towel rack

About: The Urban Steel Towel Rack

A minimalist towel rack made from brushed stainless steel. £149

About: The Medi Two Tier Towel Rack 

Hygienic two tier towel rack in stainless steel. £55

Hygienic medical towel shelf

About: The Medi Towel Shelf  

Hygienic towel shelf in stainless steel. £47.50


Floor Standing Towel Rails - Floor standing storage in metal or wood

About: The 3 Tier Floor Towel Rail

A chrome floor standing towel rack. £25.50

Arena Bamboo Towel Rail

Solid bamboo wood floor standing towel shelf. £93.50

Mezza Oak Towel Rail

Solid oak wood floor standing towel shelf. £82

About: The Anchor Stainless Steel Towel Stand

A free standing non rusting two arm towel stand. £36

About: The Satin Steel Floor Standing Towel Rail

Floor standing luxury swing arm towel rail. £99


Gold Towel Racks - Luxury towel racks in real gold plate

Gold towel shelf

About: The Ascot Towel Shelf - Gold

A gold plated luxury towel shelf. £147.50

Luxury gold towel shelf with arm

About: Ascot Towel Shelf with Arm - Gold

A gold plated luxury towel shelf with extra hanging arm. £173.50

Gold double towel rack

About: Ascot Double Towel Shelf - Gold

A luxury gold plated double towel rack. £236.00



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