Cistern & Toilet Spares & Accessories



A range of toilet accessories including cistern spares, cistern handles & pulls, syphons, replacement flush valves and flush pipe kits.

*NEW* We also offer a range of replacement flush plates, push buttons and fill valves for cisterns


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Cistern Levers & Handles

Ceramic Cistern Handle

About: The Ceramic Cistern Handle

Traditional ceramic lever cistern handle. All fittings are included. It is available in either chrome or antique gold plated finishes. £21 Chrome / £49.50 Gold

Classic extended spindle cistern lever

About: The Extended Ceramic Cistern Lever - 305mm

A classic ceramic cistern lever with extended spindle for concealed cisterns. £39.25 Chrome/ £68.85 Gold

About: Universal Chrome Cistern Lever

An easy to fit replacement cistern lever. All fittings are included. £8

Heavy duty contract cistern lever

About: The Contract Cistern Lever

A heavy duty all metal cistern lever - chrome finish. £3.55

Ideal Standard fitting cistern lever - 3/8" BSP thread

About: Replacement Cistern Handle - Ideal Standard

A replacement cistern lever with smaller thread to fit Ideal Standard cisterns. £10.50 Chrome/£33.75 Gold

About: The Extended Cistern Lever - 305mm Spindle

A metal cistern lever with 305mm long pillar for concealed cisterns.£23.25 Chrome/£52.25 Gold

225mm extended cistern lever

About: The Extended Cistern Lever - 225mm Spindle

A metal cistern lever with 225mm long spindle for concealed cisterns. £23.25 Chrome/ £52.25 Gold

About: The Enable Easy Use Cistern Lever

A large grip easy to use chrome plated cistern lever. £22.55

About: Easiflush Spatula Cistern Lever

A chrome plated disabled use cistern lever. £19.80

Round Hole Cistern Side Cistern Lever

About: The ideal Universal Side Cistern Lever

A chrome plated side action cistern lever compatible with many cisterns. £28.15

About: The Universal Cistern Lever Arm

A replacement adjustable lever arm suitable for all cistern levers. £1.98


Traditional Cistern Pulls

About: The Ceramic Cistern Pull

A ceramic cistern pull supplied with 22" chain. £14.75

About: The Rubber Cistern Pull

A black rubber cistern pull supplied with 22" chain. £3.95

About: The Wooden Cistern Pull

A solid wood cistern pull with 24" chain. £3.95


Cistern Hole Stoppers

About: The Cistern Hole Stopper

A plastic hole stopper for cisterns (40mm diameter) available in chrome or gold. £2.95 Chrome/£5.45 Gold



About: The W.C Fixing Set

A fixing set for toilet pans or bidets supplied with chrome and white covers. £1.99

About: The Toilet Close Coupling Kit

A complete kit for connecting close coupled pans to cisterns. £3.98

ideal standard close coupling kit

About: The Ideal Standard Close Coupling Kit

A complete kit to suit Ideal Standard close coupled pans. £4.95

Cistern support brackets

About: The Cistern Support Brackets

A pair of sturdy metal support brackets for cisterns. £2.45 

Flush Pipe Kits

About: The High Level Flush Pipe Kit

A traditional chrome plated high level flush pipe set. £173.75

flexible flush pipe

About: The Flexible Flush Pipe

A flexible 60cm flush pipe that provides easy connection between cistern & pan. £12.70


CISTERN SPARES - Flush & Fill Valves

Touchless flush valve

About: The Wirquin Jollytronic Touchless Flush 

A sensor activated flush mechanism for improved hygiene control and reliable hands free operation. £49.95

About: The Wirquin Doc M Easyflush 

A universal flush valve with raised flush button for easy use. £22.95

About: SIAMP Universal Cistern Repair Set

A complete flush & fill valve set with all required fittings -suitable for all push button cisterns. £25.25

Thomas Dudley Inlet & Flush Valve Kit

About: The Thomas Dudley Universal Flush Valve Kit

A kit complete with inlet & flush valves to service & fix most push button cisterns. £29.75

About: Flush Daddy Spares Pack

A cistern repair pack supplied with 1.5" dual flush valve, bottom entry fill valve and all fittings. £25.25

About: The MV Fill Valve - ½" Tail

½" Fill valve with brass tail - suitable for all water pressures. £8.95

About: The MV Flush Valve

A dual flush cistern valve with push button control & 1½" and 2" bottom connections. £11.95

About: The Adjustable Dual Flush Drop Valve

An adjustable dual flush valve - suitable for new or retrofit installations. £14.65

About: Fluidmaster Pro Bottom Entry Valve - Professional Model

Professional quality bottom entry float valve by Fluidmaster. £16.45

About: Fluidmaster Pro Side Entry Valve - Professional Model

professional quality side entry float valve by Fluidmaster. £16.45


SYPHONS - Replacement syphons & syphon spares

Dudley adjustable toilet cistern

About: The Dudley Turbo Telescopic Syphon

An adjustable height (7-10") syphon by Thomas Dudley. £27.45

Macdee Motion universal syphon

About: The Macdee Motion Universal Syphon

A universal fitting fully adjustable dual flush syphon. £22.95

Siamp Unisyphon

About: The Siamp Uni-Syphon - 1.5" Outlet

An adjustable height toilet syphon to fit all applications. £19.95 

Syphon repair kit

About: The Syphon Repair Pack - Close Coupled Cisterns

A complete repair service pack for syphon operated close coupled cisterns. £15.50

complete low level cistern repair pack

About: The Syphon Repair Pack - Low Level Cisterns

A complete repair service pack for syphon operated low level cisterns. £14.50

thomas Dudley Universal Cistern Service Kit

About: The Thomas Dudley Universal Cistern Service Kit

A premium kit by Thomas Dudley to service most lever operated cisterns. £47.85

Automatic Syphons

Automatic syphon

About: The Wirquin professional Automatic Syphon

Easy to maintain automatic syphons in a choice of 6 sizes. £21.95

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brass high pressure ball valve part 1

About: The Brass High Pressure Ball valve - 'Part 1'

A brass 1/2" fill valve for high water pressure installations. £5.95

Brass ballvalve - high pressure

About: The Brass High Pressure Ball Valve - 'Part 2'

A brass filling valve ideal for high pressure installations. £6.95

About : The Delchem Side Entry Lever Arm

An adjustable side entry filling cistern lever arm. £3.95


About The Delchem Bottom Entry Lever Arm

An adjustable bottom entry filling cistern lever arm. £7.20

Torbeck bottom entry float valve

About: The Torbeck Bottom Entry Float Valve

An adjustable height (from 8.5" to 11.5") low noise float valve. £12.65

Torbeck side entry float valve

About: The Torbeck Side Entry Float Valve

A compact, low noise side entry float valve. £8.85

Ball Valve Washers - Replacement ballvalve diaphragm washers & seals

About: The SIAMP Ball Valve Washer 

A replacement diaphragm ballvalve washer by SIAMP. £3.35

Torbeck fill valve washer

About: The Torbeck Fill Valve Washer

A replacement fill valve washer for Torbeck cistern valves. £2.95

Replacement seal for siamp skipper/storm

About: Replacement Seal for SIAMP Skipper/Storm

A replacement seal for Skipper & Storm flush valves. £3.49

Siamp optima replacement seal

About: The SIAMP Optima Replacement Seal

A replacement seal for Optima 49/50. £3.79


Push Button & Flush Plates - Replacement Cistern Push Buttons

About: The Wirquin Dual Flush Push Button

A replacement dual flush cistern push button - available in chrome or gold finishes. £9.89 Chrome/£45.00 Gold

About: The Wirquin Easyflush Doc M Cistern Push Button

A raised button Doc M cistern push button. £12.95

About: The SIAMP Skipper '45' Dual Flush Button

A dual flush  water saving push button. £8.99

About: The SIAMP Storm '33' Single Flush Button

A single flush cistern push button by SIAMP. £8.99

dual flush chrome flush plate

About: The Push Button Dual Flush Plate

A chrome plated dual flush push button plate. £42.75

Complete Replacement Cisterns 

Complete concealed replacement cistern

About: The Flush Daddy Concealed Cistern

A complete ready to go cistern for concealed fitting. £39.95

About: The Flush Daddy Compact Cistern

A compact 'exposed' cistern with push button flush. £34.95

Hobart Cistern

About: The Hobart  Side Entry Cistern

A side entry cistern supplied complete with internal syphon and overflow connections. £29.95

Skara compact concealed cistern

About: The Skara Concealed Cistern

A ready to go slimline dual flush concealed cistern. £45.00

Front access concealed cistern

About: The Alliance Front Access Concealed Cistern

A compact concealed cistern with front access. £48.00

Miscellaneous Toilet Spares

Spare toilet roll cone

About: The Spare Toilet Roll Holder Inner

A replacemement inner cone to fit all makes of toilet roll holders. £1.99

Replacement toilet brush

About: The Style Replacement Toilet Brush

A universal fit replacement toilet brush. £3.25

 Cistern Repair Consumables

About: Ballvalve Repair Box

Essential seals, pins and washers for repairing most makes of ballvalves. £14.50



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