Range of Shower Spares and Fittings


We offer a wide range of shower spares including replacement sliders for shower riser rails in a variety of sizes, spare parts for thermostatic valves together with replacement hoses, handsets and seals to fix leaking bathscreens. 


Shower spares


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Shower Slider Spares

About: The Replacement Universal Shower Head Holder (25mm)

A replacement slider suitable for all 25mm rails. £9

Spare 19mm shower slider

About: The Replacement Universal Shower Head Holder (19mm)

A replacement slider suitable for all 19mm rails. £9

Twist and lock 19mm shower slider

About: The Replacement Shower Head Slider (19mm) White

A universal fitting 'turn and lock' style shower head slider for 19mm rails. £6.00

About: The Repacement Universal Shower Head Holder (19mm) - White

A universal fitting white plastic replacement slider suitable for all 19mm rails. £4.35

About: The Riser Rail Soap Dish - Chrome

A chrome plated plastic shower soap dish that fits on both 18mm & 25mm rails. £8.20

About: The Unifit Shower Soap Dish - Chrome

A luxury chrome plated shower soap dish to fit 25mm rails. £8.20

Shower hose retainer

About: The Shower Hose Retainer

A metal hose retainer to stop the shower head dropping onto the floor. £10.95 

Shower riser rail hose retainer

About: The Shower Riser Rail Hose Retainer - Chrome Finish

A universal fitting shower rail hose retainer for all 25mm rails. £4.60

Shower Cleaners

About: The Deluxe Shower Squeegee

A shower squeegee for fast glass cleaning. £22.75

Hanging shower squeegee

About: The Stainless Shower Squeegee

A stainless steel shower squeegee with a suction holder. £15.95

Shower Valve Spares

Replacement Thermostatic Shower Cartridge

Replacement thermostatic cartridge suitable for many thermostatic shower valves


Mountings & Unions - Wall elbows and fast fix mountings for bar showers and wall taps

Universal wall elbows

About: The Taurus Universal Wall Elbow

A chrome plated wall elbow with 15mm x 3/4" BSP connection. £12.15 each

Pair of wall plate elbows

About: The Wall Plate Elbows

A pair of chrome plated wall plate elbows for surface mounting shower valves. £29.75

performa bibtap wall flange

About: The Performa Wall Flange (Copper x Female Iron)

A chrome finish wall flange with option of 1/2" or 3/4" female connection. £15.50/£35.75

About: The Shower Fixing Plate

A fixing plate for secure fixing of exposed bar valves with 150mm centres. £21.79

About: The Cavity Wall Shower Valve Mounting Bracket

A secure 'in wall'  fixing for exposed shower bar valves. £22

About: The Easi-Fix Shower Valve Wall Mount Kit

A secure, fast fit  wall mounting kit for exposed bar shower valves. £24

 exposed shower valve easy fix kit

About: The Exposed Shower Valve Fast-Fix Kit

An easy fix kit for exposed/bar type shower valves. £10.95


Note: We now offer a range of replacement shower seals. Click here for replacement shower seals



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