Shower Riser Rails & Shower Slider Rails Sets

A complete range of economy and luxury riser rails suitable for contemporary and traditional showers, riser spares, complete shower sets and shower riser kits.


  • The riser rails have universal sliders that will accept all styles of handsets
  • All risers are suitable for overbath or in shower cubicles
  • Complete 'ready to go' shower slider sets with riser rail, compatible handsets and shower hose


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RISER RAILS - Suitable for over bath or in shower fitting

Luxury square riser rail

About: The Aaron Square Riser Rail

A premium square solid brass riser rail.

 £59 (Was £159)

About: The SQ Contemporary Square Riser Rail

A minimalist chrome plated square riser rail. £75

About: The Traditional Riser Rail

A luxury solid brass traditional design riser rail - in chrome or gold finishes. Chrome £59.50/ Gold £138.75

Standard length minimalist riser rail

About: The Minima Shower Riser Rail

A 55cm minimalist shower riser rail - available in chrome or gold. Chrome £38.50  / Gold £97.50

About: The Curvline Riser Rail

A curving modern all chrome riser rail. £35

Adjstable shower riser rail 

About: The Easyfit Adjustable Riser Rail    

An adjustable riser rail that is an ideal replacement to cover existing wall holes. £26.50

Freeway shower slider rail

About: The Freeway Shower Riser Rail

A chrome finish shower riser rail with adjustable slider. £14.85

About: The Value White Riser Rail

A value shower riser rail with chrome rail and white brackets and slider. £11.75

Extra Long Riser Rails

90cm Extra long riser rail

About: The Extra Long Shower Riser Rail (90cm)

A 90cm long chrome shower riser rail supplied with a 2M long shower hose. £55.25

About: The Minima Extra Long Shower Riser Rail

A 90cm designer shower riser rail with chrome twist and lock slider. £59.95

Ramon Soler Kuatro Slide Bar

About: The Kuatro Luxury Slide rail (80cm)

A premium square slide bar with 80cm space between brackets. £152.80

Extra Strong Riser Rails

Extra strong shower rail

About: The RS Zenith Extra Strong Riser Rail

A shower riser rail that can hold 200kg weight so provides a safe grab point. £90.50

SHOWER SLIDE RAIL KITS - Complete kits with hose and handset included

About: The Saturn Two Position Slide Bar Set

A luxury mega head shower set with both fixed overhead position and adjustable slide bar. £199

About: The Contemporary Square Slide Rail Kit

A luxury square slide rail kit with matching handset. £115

About: The Metro Slimline Slide Rail Kit

A slimline slide rail with matching pencil handset. £90

About: The Mega Slide Rail Kit

A luxury kit includes riser, shower hose and the mega shower head. £79.75

About: The Flat-Line Shower Kit

A spacesaving flat riser, handset and hose kit. £73.50

Minimalist shower set

About: The Minima Shower Set

A complete minimalist shower set. £69

Wave shower set

About: the Wave Shower Kit

A curvy, contemporary slide rail kit. £45

About: The Lux Shower Set

A good value all chrome set including the rub clean Lux handset, riser rail and 1.5M shower hose. £24

Value shower kit

About: the Optima Shower Kit

Outstanding value kit that included adjustable wall bracket, shower hose and handset. £9.5


Shower Spares

Spare shower slider

Shower Slider Rail Spare Parts

Spare sliders, soap dishes and parts to fit most shower slider rails



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