Quality, Value for Money Shower Hoses

Our shower hoses are available in chrome plated brass, stainless steel and PVC materials. Finishes include chrome and gold plated finishes together with white and silver in the PVC range.


Replacement shower hoses


  • All hoses have standard 1/2" BSP threaded connectors to fit all shower heads
  • Choice of lengths from 0.8 to 2.0 meters

Note: We are able to supply special size shower hoses in any length up to 4 meters to special order. Please contact us to enquire

DELUXE METAL SHOWER HOSES - Premium metal shower hoses in chrome or real gold plated finishes

13mm Shower Hose (1.75M length)

About: the 12mm Premium Shower Hose - 1.5M Length

12mm bore deluxe shower hose, 1.5 Metres long. Available in chrome or gold plated finishes. Chrome £22.50 , Gold £55

8mm Shower Hose (1.5M length)

About: The 8mm Ocean Shower Hose (1.5M Length)

8mm bore shower hose , 1.5 Metres long. Available in chrome and gold plated finishes. Chrome £12 , Gold £42.50

short shower hose

About: The Short Shower Hose (1.25M Length)

A chrome plated brass 8mm internal bore x 1.25M long shower hose. £8.95

DOUBLE WOVEN STAINLESS STEEL HOSES - Extra strong quality hoses

Reinforced large bore shower hose 

About: The Arley Universal Reinforced Stainless Shower Hose

A double woven stainless shower hose with universal fitting conical nuts- available in 4 lengths. £16.50


STAINLESS STEEL HOSES - Durable, value for money hoses

Extra long chrome shower hose

About: The Arley Extra Long Shower Hose (2.0M length)

11mm bore, 2.0 Metres long. Made from stainless steel. £12

Discount chrome shower hose

About: The Arley Professional Large Bore Stainless Hose (11mm Bore)

11mm bore, 1.5 Metre long hose. made from stainless steel. £8.75

superstrectch shower hose 

About: The Superstretch Shower Hose

A 150cm long stainless shower hose that stretches to 200cm long. £6.95

Discount chrome shower hose

About: The Economy Shower Hose (1.5M length x 11mm Bore)

A great value 11mm bore shower hose made from stainless steel. £6.95

Extra short 1.0M shower hose

About: The 1.0M Short Shower Hose (1.0M length x 8mm Bore)

A shorter than standard shower hose (1.0M/3' long). £8.95

800mm shower hose

About: The RS Marine Shower Hose (800mm)

An 800mm long stainless steel shower hose. £7.75


PVC SHOWER HOSES - Silver, Gold, White & Black shower hoses

Jet black shower hose

About: The Jet Black Shower Hose (1.5M length)

An ultra modern shower hose - Made from sheer black PVC. £18

Silver shower hose

About: The Smoothline Shower Hose (1.5M length)

Trendy and Very Stylish - Made from sheer silver PVC. 8mm bore. £18

About: The Superstrong Chrome PVC Shower Hose (1.75 or 2M Length)

A reinforced chrome hose available in 2 lengths. £11.50/£12.50

About: The White Reinforced PVC Shower Hose (1.5M length)

A strong replacement white PVC hose. £10.50


SPECIALITY HOSES - Non standard tails & end connections

Speciality bathroom, shower and kitchen hoses

Speciality Hoses

Hoses with non-standard fittings for bathroom and kitchen taps


Shower hose extender

About: The Shower Hose Extender

A chrome plated 1/2" x 1/2" extender to allow connection of 2 shower hoses. £3.70

About: The Shower Hose Reducer/Adaptor

A chrome adaptor that reduces from 3/4" female to 1/2" male thread. £1.95

 Shower hose washers

About: Pack 5 x 1/2" Shower Hose Washers

A pack of 5 universal fit hose sealing washers for all makes of shower hose. £0.95

bathroom filter washer - 1/2"

About: The Shower Filter  Washer - 1/2"

A 1/2"  BSP size washer with mesh filter. £1.25 each



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