Wall Mounted & Ceiling Shower Arms

Wall mounted and ceiling shower arms in chrome plated brass - suitable for all styles and sizes of shower head.

Note: All arms are fully compatible with all our shower heads





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About: The Aaron Round Shower Arm

A luxury round 35cm shower arm. £68

About: The Aaron Square Shower Arm

A luxury 35cm square shower arm. £90

About: The Aaron Ceiling Arm

A luxury 19cm drop ceiling arm. £40

About: The SQ Square Shower Arm

A modern square shower arm. £35

Square shower ceiling arm

About: The SQ Square Ceiling Arm

A modern square shower ceiling arm. £24

About: The 15cm Shower Arm

A heavy duty 15cm reach shower arm. £35

About: The Hydro Angled Shower Head

An angled shower arm to provide good directional water flow. £18.75

About: The 35cm Shower Arm

A 35cm value shower arm made from solid brass. £19.85

About: The standard Ceiling arm

A 15cm drop value ceiling arm made from solid brass. £12

Exposed Pipework/Commercial Shower Arms 

About: The Intacept Back Entry Shower Arm

A stylish commercial shower arm for back entry (concealed) water supply. £48.50

Bottom entry shower arm for exposed pipework

About: The Inta Commercial Bottom Entry Shower Arm

A wall fitted shower arm with bottom entry connection for water from exposed pipework. £59.25


Intatec top entry exposed shower arm

About: The Inta Commercial Top Entry Shower Arm

A wall fitted shower arm with top connection for water supplied from exposed ceiling fed pipes. £49.95

intacept in930cp shower arm

About: The Intacept Bottom Entry Arm + Rub Clean Head

A commercial use bottom entry arm with rub clean shower head. £69.30

Exposed pipework commercial shower arm

About: The Commercial Exposed Pipework Shower Arm

A bottom entry shower arm with chrome vertical pipe to fit exposed outlets. £75.25 



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