Bathroom Care & Repair Consumables

A range of original products for the care, repair or renovation of your bathroom together with other finishing touches including Holdtite tap washer boxes, lubricants, shower cleaning descalers and premium silicone sealants. 


**Now available....Amazing new Aquagen Super Descaler & Cleaner**

  • Ceramic repair products by Cramer
  • JB Weld adhesives for super strong bonds
  • Greases, silicones and lubricants by Black Swan

Adhesives & Lubicants

About: JB Kwikweld - Epoxy Weld

A quick setting 2 part adhesive weld. £5.45

About: JB Weld - Metal Repair

The original weld for repairs on metal and alloys. £5.45


About: Black Swan Plumbers Grease

A lubricating grease for valves, ballcocks etc. £1.95

About: Black Swan PVC Cement

Solvent weld glue available in a variety of sizes. From £3.95

About: Black Swan Silicone Grease

Silicone grease for lubricating 'O' rings etc. £2.60

Dow Plumba Thread

About: Dow Corning Plumba Joint

Clear silicone leak sealer by Dow Corning. £4.10

PTFE tape

About: Plumbers PTFE Tape - 10 Pack

Professional grade plumbers PTFE taps in trade pack of 10 rolls. £3.49

Ceramic & Enamel Repair

About: Ceramic/ Enamel Repair Kit

A complete repair kit for damaged ceramics/enamel. £29

About: Enamel Touch Up Stick

For repairing minor scratches and blemishes. £12.50

About: The Bath Rubber

A special bath rubber to remove marks or scuffs from enamel and ceramics. £7

About: The Fugi Tool Kit

A tool kit for removing and applying silicone. £6.5


Tap Washer Repair Boxes

About: The Holdtite Tap Washer Box

Essential washers for repairing nearly many types of taps and fittings. £14.50

About: The Holdtite Fibre & Rubber Box

Essential fibre & rubber washers for fixing many types of taps and fittings. £14.50


Cleaning Products

Aquagen Foaming Descaler

About: Aquagen Super Foam Descaler

A professional standard foaming descaler & shower cleaner. £9.95

Evershower shower descaler

About: Evershower Descaler

Multi purpose descaler, available in 500mm and 1 litre sizes. £13.50/£20.50

grout reviver

About: Wenko Tile White Grout Reviver - 125ml

A whitener to revive dirty and mouldy tile grouting. £4.99


Kitchen Care

inox care kitchen cream

About: Inox Care Kitchen Cream

A brilliant cream polish to brighten, rejuvenate and improve stainless steel sinks and surfaces. £14.50


Silicone Sealants

Dow corning silicone sealant

About: Dow Corning 785 Silicone Sealant - Anti-Fungal Sanitary Grade                 

A superior grade anti fungal silicone sealant, available in white and clear. £5.90 

About: Top Gun Silicone Sealant

A general purpose silicone sealant,available in white and clear. £3


Monument tap reseating tool

About: The Monument Tap Reseating Tool

A tool that recuts the seats of leaking taps - fits 1/2 & 34" taps. £9.75

About: The Parasene Blow Lamp

A useful blowtorch supplied with handle, base and 320ml gas cartridge. £16.50


Consumables & Disposables

About: The Disposable Latex Gloves - (Pack of 100)

A pack of 100 large size powdered disposable latex gloves. £8.95



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