Hospital, Hygiene & Medical Washroom Supplies


CE engineered washroom supplies for use in food preparation, hospitals, dental surgeries, sports and health centres and other public use buildings.
Our range of hospital & washroom supplies includes scrub-up troughs, handwashing and hand drying solutions, toilet tissue systems, waste disposal bins and stainless towel storage racks.

  • Manufactured in the UK by PLAND STAINLESS & by NOFER of Spain
  • Complete range of washroom solutions including soap & towel dispensers, waste disposal bins, toilet tissue dispensers and baby change equipment

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Ophardt Hand Hygiene Solutions

Ophardt Hand hygiene

About: Ophardt Hand Hygiene Solutions

Industry leading hand washing, soap & paper towel dispensers by Ophardt of Germany


Scrub-Up Troughs

About: The Pland HTM64 Surgical Scrub-Up Trough

An HTM64 grade surgical scrub-up trough available in 2 widths to suit 1-2 users. From £999

About: The Pland HTM64 Surgical Scrub-Up Trough - 3/4 Users

A large width HTM64 scrub-up trough available in 1600 & 2400 widths to suit 3-4 users. From 1099

Madeira non surgical scrub up trough

About: The Pland 'Non Surgical' Scrub Up/WashTrough - Available in 3 sizes

A non surgical use wash trough for lab,decontamination use, non invasive medical etc. From £599

We offer a comprehensive range of medical & sensor taps and waste outlet fittings that match the HTM64 troughs. Please contact us for recommended products 




Hygienic Stainless Washing Solutions by PLAND

Food grade washing sink

About: The Pland Stainless Handrinse Basin

A spacesaving handrinse basin for use in hygiene sensitive industries. £109.95

Food industry use rectangular wash basin

About: The Pland Rectangular Washing Sink

A rectangular wall mounted sink. £195.75

Gentech integrated handwash

About: The Gentech Integrated Knee Operated Handwash

A pre assembled handwash sink with built in spout & knee operated timed flow control. £489.75

About: The Pland Round Countertop Bowl

A circular countertop fitted bowl with overflow. £108.50 

About: The Pland Brou Bar Sink

A short projection twin bowl and twin drainer sink. £379.95

Bucket Sinks - Cleaners Sinks & Healthcare Standard janitorial Units

Atlas Low back Cleaners Sink

About: The Atlas Low Back Cleaners Sink

A heavy duty cleaners sink complete with waste and support legs in 18 or 20"widths. £389.85

High Back Cleaners sink

About: The Atlas High Back Cleaners Sink

A high backed heavy duty cleaners sink complete with waste fitting and support legs. £479.75

About: The Spacesaver Bucket Sink

A wall mounted cleaners bucket sink designed for small spaces. £149.50

About: The Large Wall Bucket Sink

A large size (480mm wide) cleaners bucket sink. £289.75

Medical Standard Janitorial Unit

About: The Medical Standard Janitorial Unit 

A medical industry specification combination bucket sink/washbasin janitorial unit. £1292.50


Compact In Wall Units

Built in paper towel & soap dispenser

About: The Nofer Built-In  Compact Dispenser Unit

A built in (in wall) combination paper towel and soap dispenser. £485.75


Value Hand Hygiene Compliance Packs

About: The Nofer Value Hand Hygiene Pack

A value pack comprising  wall mounted soap dispenser and  matching paper towel dispenser. £27.99

Hand Drying

About: The Cyclon Push Button Hand Dryer

Professional series push button hand dryer. £279

About: The Cyclon Automatic Hand Dryer

Professional series automatic sensor operated hand dryer. £295

About: The Nofer 4010 Paper Towel Dispenser  

A high capacity lockable paper towel dispenser. £49.25

Classic commercial paper towel dispenser

About: The Nofer Classic Paper Towel Dispenser

A commercial standard paper towel dispenser in a transparent blue resin. £18.50


Hand Washing Systems - Wall Mounted , Surface Fitted and Sensor Soap Dispensers

Nofer commercial soap dispenser

About: The Nofer Classic Soap Dispenser

A commercial standard wall mounted soap/hand wash dispenser. £12.50

About: The Nofer 3001 Soap Dispenser  

Professional series wall fixed soap dispenser. £37.25

About: The 3013 Hospital Soap Dispenser

Hospital and Dental Use handle operated soap dispenser. £105 

Inset vanity soap dispenser

About: The Nofer Commercial Inset Soap Dispenser

Built in soap dispenser for surface mounting on vanity units/countertops - Standard £29/Premium £44.25

Sensor Soap Dispensers - 'Non-Touch' Sensor activated soap dispensers


About: The Ophardt Santral Premium Touchless Soap Dispenser

A 1200ml capacity premium specification stainless steel touchless dispenser for foams, soaps, gels & sprays.  £167.25

About: The 3023 Automatic Sensor Dispenser - High Capacity  

Infrared sensor operated stainless steel wall soap dispenser. £62.75

Spacesaver Sensor Soap Dispenser

About: The Slimline Sensor Liquid Soap Dispenser

A 300cc capacity slimline sensor dispenser that is particularly suited to restricted spaces. £69.75

About: The Intatec Professional Infrared Soap Dispenser

A non contact infra red controlled soap dispenser. £199.85


Toilet Tissue Dispensers

About: The 5001 Bulk Toilet Roll dispenser

High capacity toilet paper dispenser. £41.50

About: The Nofer Double Roll Dispenser

Wall fitted twin roll holder with safety lock. £49.50

About: The Nofer Three Roll Dispenser

Wall fitted triple roll holder with safety lock. £57.50


Waste Bins

About: The Nofer Wall Fitted Bin

12 litre capacity wall bin in stainless steel. £49.50

About: The Nofer Secure Push Top Bin

A 25 litre bin with push down lid and security lock. £349

12 Litre pedal bin

About: The Hygienic Pedal Bin - 12 Litre Size

Hygienic pedal bin with removable plastic liner. £39.75

5 Litre pedal bin

About: The Hygienic Pedal Bin - 5 Litre Size

Hygienic pedal bin with removable plastic inner. £26.85

Washroom Signage

About: Commercial Washroom Signage

Durable stainless signage for washroom & cloakrooms (male, female, disabled & wc). £4.20


Stainless Steel Unbreakable Mirrors

Mirrorsafe anti-vandal stainless mirror

About: The Mirrorsafe Polished Stainless Safety Mirror

Anti-vandal highly polished stainless steel safety mirrors for all sectors of public use. From £79

Baby Change Units

Polyethylene baby change unit

About: The Hafele-Safe Baby Change Unit

A foldaway heavy duty baby change unit made from easy clean polyethylene. £311.85


Towel Racks - Made from AISI 304 stainless steel

Hygiene Standard Towel Storage Shelves

Non rusting hygienic towel shelves in stainless steel

Note: All Nofer medical products are made from stainless steel for improved hygiene and resistance to rust or tarnishing.
We recommend these products should be cleaned every month with a soft cloth or sponge using liquid soap or detergent.



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