Lidstiks Funky Toilet Seat Decals

Lidstiks are funky easy to fit toilet seat decals designed to go on the lid of most toilet seats. They will add a fun new look to your bathroom, cloakroom or toilet and are made from a special adhesive backed vinyl for a tough long lasting finish




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About: 'Let Me Out' Lidstik

A clever illusion with a diver trying to get out of the bowl. £14.95

About: 'Fish Tank' Lidstik

A clever illusion where it seems you have fish swimming in your toilet. £14.95

About: 'Cute Dog' Lidstik

A great idea for all dog lovers to stick on their toilet seat. £14.95

About: 'Fishy' Lidstik

Brighten up your bathroom with this Lidstik printed with bright goldfish. £14.95

About: 'Zebra' Lidstik

The prefect toilet decal to add some black and white funk to your bathroom. £14.95

About: 'Seaside' Lidstik

Add a great nautical theme with this Lidstik full of shells and starfish. £14.95

About: 'The Throne' Lidstik

Let everyone know you are royalty with this royal decal. £14.95



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