GP Hand Washing Packs - Co-ordianted Basins, Taps & Fittings



Complete, compliant ready to install hand washing stations for GP surgeries and practices



GP Handwash Packs  - Essential handwash stations for GP practices

Essential GP handwash station

About: The Essential GP Handwash Pack

A ceramic 'no overflow' wash hand basin complete with extended lever tap, waste & all fittings. £189.95

spacesaving gp surgery handwash pack

About: The Compact GP Handwash Pack

A spacesaving ceramic handwash basin with medical lever sequential tap, waste and all fittings. £206.75


About: The Premium GP Handwash Pack

As per the Essential pack but with a premium lever mixer tap. £274.15

About: The Wall Fitted GP Handwash Pack

A ceramic 'no overflow' wash handbasincomplete with wall mounted medical tap, waste and all fitings. £235.15

Surface Mounted Hand Wash Sets

Dental and surgery value handwash set

About: The Hart Value Hand Rinse Set

A special value sink and tap set for surface fitting eg worktops vanity units etc. £99.85


Professional Disinfectant Hand Hygiene Gels, Sanitisers & Washes


DERMOGEN Handwashes, Disinfectant Sanitisers & Gels 

An essential range of medical hand washes, sprays and gels for healthcare professionals



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