Professional Contract Bathroom and Kitchen Taps

Superb value discount bathroom and kitchen taps that are suitable for contract, commercial and special needs requirements.

Our contract & economy taps are available with a choice of chrome plated lever handles or round metal handles together with self closing (non concussive) taps designed for commercial uses such as schools, public buildings etc.

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SKARA VALUE LEVER BATH AND KITCHEN TAPS - Quarter turn lever operated bathroom & kitchen taps

Bathroom Taps

Skara lever basin taps


About: Skara Value Lever Basin Taps

Quarter turn basin lever taps. Sold in pairs. £26

About: Skara Value Lever Bath Taps

Quarter turn bath lever taps. Sold in pairs. £29


About: Skara Value Lever Bath Shower Mixer

Quarter turn lever bath shower mixer tap. £72


About: Skara Value Lever Bath Filler

Quarter turn bath filler tap. £63

About: Skara Value Lever Monobasin Tap

Quarter turn lever monobasin tap. £53

Kitchen Taps 


About: Skara Value Lever Deck Kitchen Tap

A deck kitchen tap with quarter turn lever control. £54

About: Skara Value Lever High Neck Kitchen Pillar Taps

High neck quarter turn low pressure kitchen lever taps. Sold in pairs. £37.75


DISCOUNT CONTRACT TAP RANGE BY ALLIANCE - Low maintenance basin, bath and kitchen mixer taps

Bathroom Taps

Contract basin taps 

About: Basics Contract Basin Taps

A pair of good value set of basin taps. £14.45

Contract bath taps

About: Basics Contract Bath Taps

A pair good value set of bath taps. £18

About: Basics Contract Bath Filler Taps

A good value deck bath filler. £45

About: Basics Contract Bath Shower Mixer

A deck bath shower mixer tap complete with handset & hose. £49.50

Contract basin mixer

About: Basics Contract Monobasin Tap

A good value monobasin tap. £39

Kitchen Taps


About: Basics Deck Kitchen Mixer

A good value deck low pressure kitchen mixer. £42.75

Monobloc low pressure kitchen tap

About: Basics Monobloc Kitchen Tap

A good value kitchen low pressure monobloc mixer. £39.25

Contract high neck kitchen taps

About: Basics High Neck Kitchen Taps

A pair of value low pressure kitchen high neck taps. £21


VALUE MONOBASIN TAPS - Good quality budget basin taps

Eco basin tap

About: The Eco Value Monobasin

A contract lever controlled monobasin tap. £24

About: Optima Value Monobasin

A value for money lever operated monobasin tap. £39


MISC CONTRACT ECONOMY KITCHEN TAPS - Quality & Economy Kitchen Sink Taps

Coloured Sink Taps & Mixers

White  & beige coloured contract sink mixers & taps

eazee lever sink tap

About: The Eazee Lever Sink Mixer

A versatile mono sink mixer with easy action lever controls. £57.50

About: The Ideal Contract Kitchen Tap

A good value contemporary lever kitchen tap. £57.50

Cruciform kitchen taps

About: Rio Cruciform Kitchen Tap

A twin handle ceramic disk operated contemporary kitchen tap. £48

Vertical sink mixer

About: The MGM Vertical Sink Mixer

A single lever vertical spout sink mixer tap. £39.50

Two handle low pressure kitchen tap

About: Guayama Economy Kitchen Tap

Outstanding value twin handled kitchen sink tap. £39

Horizon quality single lever sink mixer

About: The Horizon Kitchen Tap

A value for money quality single lever kitchen tap. £36

Reginox Miami sink mixer

About: The Reginox Miami Sink Mixer

A swivel spout sink mixer by Reginox. £32.95

Contract kitchen mixer

About: The MGM Contract Sink Mixer

A value sink mixer for home or commercial use. £26.50

About: The UK-F Kitchen Tap

A two handle UK standard general purpose mixer tap. £26

About: The Value Kitchen Bib Taps

A pair of good value wall bib taps. £26



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