Bath & Basin Wastes, Shower and Kitchen Wastes,



We offer ranges of universal fitting bath & basin wastes,  shower and kitchen wastes together with speciality commercial wastes for urinals, caravans and marine industries.
Replacement plugs are also available suitable for most bath, basin & kitchen wastes.


Bathroom, kitchen and shower wastes


  • The wastes and plugs are available in both chrome and gold finishes
  • All wastes are standard UK sizes - fit all baths, basins, sinks etc

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SPARE PLUGS - Basin plugs, bath plugs & sink plugs

Replacement plug& chain  for basin wastes

About: Replacement Basin Plug,Chain & Stay

Solid brass replacement plug,extra strong chain and stay. £4.50

About: Replacement Gold Plated Basin Plug, Chain & Stay

A gold plated basin plug with ball linked chain and stay. £16.85

bath plug and chain

About: Replacement Bath Plug & Chain

Solid brass replacement plug with extra strong chain. Chrome £5/ Gold £15.25

About: Replacement Basin Pop Up Plug

A standard size plug suitable for all basin pop up wastes available in chrome or gold. Chrome £5/ Gold £12.50

Mini 35mmpop up plug

About: The Small (35mm) Basin Pop Up Plug

A special size mini pop up plug for smaller than normal wastes - 35mm plug diameter. £6.50 

Bath pop up plug

About: Replacement Bath Pop Up Plug

A standard sized plug to fit most bath pop up wastes available in chrome or gold. Chrome £5/Gold £13.50

Wirquin quick clac plug

About: The Wirquin Quick Clac 'Clicker' Plug

A push down, clicker action stainless steel plug. £6.99

Replacement gold bath/sink plug 

About: The Replacemement bath/Sink Plug - Gold

A replacement gold plated solid metal plug for bath/sink wastes. £10.80

Rubber sink plug

About: The Replacement Rubber Bath/Sink Plug

A durable black rubber plug to fit bath or sink wastes. £1.48


BASIN WASTES - Standard UK fitting basin wastes, pop up wastes & waste spares

Basin Waste & Plug Set

About: The Basin Waste & Plug Set

Solid brass basin waste. £9 Chrome , £35.00 Gold

Contract basin waste, plug and chain

About: The Contract Basin Waste With Plug & Chain

A quality contract basin waste complete with poly plug & chain. £3.99

About: The Traditional Captive Plug Basin Waste

A traditional style basin waste with secure captive plug. £14

Captive Plug Basin waste

About: The Swivel Plug Basin Waste - Unslotted

Solid brass basin waste with captive 'swivel' plug. Suitable for glass basins. £16 Chrome , £42.50 Gold

Flip top basin waste

About: The Swivel Plug Basin Waste - Slotted

Solid brass basin waste with captive 'swivel' plug. SLOTTED for basins with overflows. £16 Chrome , £42.50 Gold

About: The Push Button Basin Waste

A push button basin waste available slotted or unslotted to suit all basins.

£9.95 (Was £16)

About: The Luxury Clicker Basin Waste - Unslotted

A luxury push top (clicker) basin waste with feature 'mushroom' dome top. £16

Universal basin waste 

About: The Universal Clicker Basin Waste

A basin waste that adjusts to suit all basins (with or without overflow). £17.50


About: The Replacement Clicker Waste Mechanism

A replacement clicker mechanism suitable for most clicker basin wastes. £5.65

About: The Pop Up Basin Waste

Pop Up basin waste supplied complete with metal rods. Chrome £21.50 / Gold £48

Rods and joiner link for pop up wastes

About: Replacement Pop Up Waste Rods

Replacement rod set for pop up basin wastes - includes all rods and joiner linkeage. Chrome £6/ Gold £14.75

About: The Remote Pull Up Rod & Flange Set

A pull up rod and flange for remote pop up waste controls. £14.30

About:Metal Joiner Linkeage For Basin Pop Up Waste Rods

Metal joining linkeage for connecting pop up waste rods. £1.95

About: The Plastic Link For Basin  Pop Up Wastes

An economical joiner linkeage for pop up waste rods. £1.45

About: The Premier Domed Push Button Basin Waste - Slotted

A domed top push button waste with cover shroud to conceal the thread. Suitable for basins with overflows. £26

About: The Premier Domed Push Button Basin Waste - Unslotted

A domed top luxury push button waste with cover shroud to conceal the thread. Suitable for basins without overflows. £26

basin waste extension shroud

About: the Chrome Plated Basin Waste Shroud Cover

A chrome plated solid brass extension shroud that covers unsightly threads. £9.50

About: The Square Top Basin Waste

A push button basin waste with a square plug. Available slotted only to suit basins with overflows. £26

Macalpine Vanity Basin Waste

About: The Vanity Basin Waste

A combination waste and overflow for vanity basins. £5.20 


BATH WASTES - Standard UK fitting bath wastes

Bath waste, plug and chain

About: The Standard Bath Waste & Plug Set

Solid brass bath waste complete with overflow fitting, plug and chain. £13 Chrome , £36 Gold

Contract value bath waste

About: The Contract Bath Waste, Plug & Chain

A special value bath waste complete with chain and poly plug. £5.49

Parking plug bath waste

About: The Parking Plug Bath Waste

A complete bath waste with convenient holder in the overflow for the plug. £16

Press down 'clicker' bath waste

About: The Press Down Bath Waste

A solid bodied short flange  bath waste - simply press to close or open. £15.85

About: The Bath Pop Up Waste

Bath pop up waste and overflow. £35 Chrome , £58 Gold

extra long extended bath pop up waste

About: The Extended Bath Pop Up Waste - 900mm Long

An extra long (900mm) bath pop up waste. £44.75

luxury bath clicker waste

About: The Push Button 'Clic Clac' Bath Waste - Premium Design

A luxury bath waste and overflow with a plug that opens or closes simply by pushing it. £39

Commercial clicker bath waste

About: The Wirquin Commercial Push Button Bath Waste

A contract & commercial standard push button 'clicker' bath waste and overflow. £24.95

Traditional exposed bath waste

About: Exposed Bath Waste

An all chrome plated bath waste for freestanding baths. £62

About: Luxury Exposed Pop Up Bath Waste

A luxury all chrome pop up waste for freestanding baths. £95.00

Freeflow Bath Filler Wastes

Combifill bath filler waste

About: Minima Combifill Freeflow Pop Up Waste & Filler- 600mm

The Combifill combines a bath filler that fills from the front of the overflow with a pop up waste - 600mm overflow pipe. £72 


SHOWER WASTES - Wastes and traps for shower trays

About: The Value Shower Waste

A value chrome waste suitable for all shower trays. £6.95

About: The Easy Clean Shower Waste

Shower waste with removable grid for easy cleaning - 73mm flange x 38mm (1.5") tail. £13

Long tail shower waste - removable grid

About: The Extra Long Tailed Shower Waste - Removable Grid

An easy clean 'removable top grid' shower waste with extra long 80mm tail. £16

About: EasyClean Combined Shower Trap & Waste

Combined easy clean shower waste with trap. £15

About: The James Fast Draining Shower Waste by Wirquin - 90mm flange

A fast drain shower waste with 360 degree adjustment for both vertical and horizontal connection. £32.95

About: The Wirquin Wet Room Drain

A fast emptying drain for wet rooms or tiled showers. £55

Gold shower waste

About: The Gold Shower Waste - Easy Clean Design

A gold plated shower waste with removable grate for easy cleaning. £42.00

KITCHEN SINK WASTES - Strainer & standard wastes for all kitchen sinks

About: The Standard Kitchen Sink Strainer Waste

Standard size kitchen strainer basket waste. £10.50

Macdee strainer waste with overflow

About: The Macdee Basket Strainer Waste With Overflow

A premium basket strainer waste with integral overflow. £12.95

About: The McAlpine Kitchen Sink Strainer Waste

Standard fitting kitchen strainer waste by McAlpine. £13.95 Chrome/£41.25 Gold

Mini basket strainer waste

About: The Mini Basket Strainer Waste

A Mini (85mm diameter flange) basket strainer waste & plug. £15.95

No overflow mini basket strainer waste

About: The Mini Basket Strainer Waste - No Overflow

A compact (69mm flange) basket waste without overflow for solid surfaces. £15.95

About: The McAlpine Replacement Basket Strainer Plug

A strainer plug for basket strainer wastes. £5.49

About: The Macalpine Replacement Waste Plug - Rubber Finger Seal

A strainer waste plug with 6 finger rubber seal. £5.49

About: The McAlpine Kitchen Sink Strainer Waste - White

Standard fitting basket strainer waste in white. £14.95

About: Combination Kitchen Sink Waste & Overflow

A standard kitchen sink waste complete with overflow. £9

About: The Commercial Value 'No Overflow' Sink Waste

A commercial value kitchen sink waste with no overflow. £3.10

About: The Belfast Sink Waste

A solid brass waste to suit belfast sinks - available in Chrome and Gold. £18.50 Chrome/£38.50 Gold

About: The Stainless Sink Guard

A stainless steel guard to stop bits blocking your sink. £1.79

EASYCLEAN WASTES - Wastes with removable grids for easy cleaning

Easyclean basin waste

About: The Easyclean 'Removable Plug' Clicker Basin Waste

A basin clicker waste with removable mechanism for easy cleaning. £13.85


About: The Easyclean 'Removable Grate' Bath Waste

A 'clicker' action bath waste with removable grate for easy cleaning. £23.75

SPECIALITY & COMMERCIAL WASTES - Wastes for caravan, marine, healthcare and public buildings

About: The Deluxe Caravan/Marine Waste

A premium quality solid brass waste with 2" flange - suitable for caravans, boats, water fountains etc. £15

Macalpine Boat/Caravan waste

About: The Caravan & Boat Waste

A plastic bodies waste for caravan or boat use. £4.15

About: The Urinal Waste

Commercial grade premium heavy duty urinal wastes, available in 2 sizes. £17.75

Upstand overflow tube waste

About: The Upstand Overflow Tube Waste

A tube overflow that fits in commercial sink wastes available in 2 heights. £13.95

FLUSH GRATED WASTES FITTINGS - Free flow medical  & public use wastes

About: Flush Grated Basin Waste 1 1/4" Tail (Unslotted)

A long tailed flush grated waste used where no plug or overflow is required such as hospitals, medical centres etc. £9.80

About: Flush grated basin Waste - Slotted (For Basins With Overflows)

A long tailed flush grated waste for commercial use basins with built in overflows. £9.80

Designer Free Flow F/G Waste

About: The Wirquin Designer Flush Grated Basin Waste

A luxury designer waste where visual appearance is important. £22.85

Long tailed free flow basin waste

About: the Wirquin Free Flow Long Tailed (100mm) Basin Waste

A free flow basin waste with an extra long tail (100mm) -  1 1/4" thread. £22.85

Flushed grated sink waste

About: The Flush Grated Sink Waste - 1.5" Thread

A no overflow, free draining sink waste without plug for hospital & healthcare use. £3.95

TRAPS - Basin & bath bottle traps 

Basin & Bath Traps

Bottle traps to fit domestic & commercial basin and bath wastes


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