Tectite TMV2/3 Push Fit Connection Thermostatic Mixing Valve

WRAS & Buildcert approved TMV2 (domestic) & TMV3 (commercial) mixing  valves featuring fast fit Tectite push fit connections.

  • TMV2 & TMV3 Scheme approved
  • Push fit connection - Compatible with Copper, Tectite Tube, PB and PEX
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • Delivers substantial cost savings - approx. 3 times faster to install than . standard connections

Technical Information

Operating Range
Maximum Static Pressure: 10 Bar
Hot & Cold Flow Pressure:  1.0 to 5 Bar (0.2 to 1.0 Bar low pressure)
Hot Supply Temperature 52 to 65°C 52 to 65°C
Cold Supply Temperature 5 to 20°C 5 to 20°C



TMV2: £72.00

TMV3: £84.00



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TMV2  (15mm) £72.00

 TMV3 (22mm)  £84.00

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Tectite TMV Push Fit Valve

Tectite Push Fit Thermostatic Blending Valve