Intatec 'L' Mix Thermostatic Failsafe Mixing Valve

A TMV2 & TMV3 approved  failsafe thermostatic mixing valve for safely blending hot and cold water feeds to a safe water temperature. 'L' shaped design is particularly suitable for retro fitting and limited access spaces eg under a bath

  • TMV2 & TMV3 Scheme approved
  • 15mm or 22mm inlet sizes
  • The hot and mixed water ports are perpendicular, which reduces the need for pipework modifications and helps to save a significant amount of installation time - especially in retro fit applications
  • Delivers temperature safe  hot water to taps, showers & water outlets

Areas of Use

Hospitals, Care Homes, Schools, Leisure Centres, Domestic Bathrooms


Technical Information/Sizes

Temp adjustment range: 30-50 degrees C

Temperature stability: +/- 2 degrees C

Max inlet temperature: 85 degrees C

Operating pressure: 0.2-10 bar

Height:160mm , Width:134mm







National Health Service Model Engineering Specification D08



15mm Valve: £73.85

22mm Valve £83.30



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£73.85: 15mm Valve

£83.30: 22mm Valve

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Inta L Mix TMV valve

L Mix Thermostatic Blending Valve