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Chiropodists & Podiatrists

Hand washing & Disinfection guidelines for Chiropody & Podiatry practices


July 2016

Stainless Steel - 304 vs 316 Grades

Choosing and caring for stainless steel sanitary products 


November 2015

NHS Estate Guidelines – DOH Sanitary Assemblies

NHS Estate Guidelines – DOH Sanitary Assemblies/Sanitary Installation Guidelines/ Update to HTM64 



Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene - Selection of Relevant Hand Washing Taps, Sinks & Equipment 



Disability Discrimination Act Compliance

Taps and Sanitary  Fittings - Disability Discrimination Act Compliance



Accupuncturists, Body Piercers, Tattoo Studios

Infection Control For Acupuncturists, Body Piercing & Tattooists


Opthalmic Practices - Hand Washing Guidance

Minimum hand hygiene requirements for Optomotrists