The Hart DualFlow Medical Wall Mixer - Short Reach Spout

The Hart DualFlow Sink Tap is a wall mounted elbow lever tap for medical/healthcare use.
The tap features a fully rotating 'cool to the touch' dual flow spout with a special short reach spout (100mm) to suit restricted spaces/small sinks.

  • Premium quality - made in the UK
  • Dual flow (divided flow) spout - cold water is directed to the outside of the spout to keep the spout cooler
  • Quarter turn disc operation
  • Heavy duty construction - Designed for hospital, healthcare, medical & dental use.
  • Fully rotating spout
  • Supplied with angled wall connectors


"This tap has a short reach of only 100mm - normally the reach is 175-200mm"




Levers: 150mm

Forward reach from body: 100mm   






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Hart Premium Short Reach DualFlow Wall Mixer