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July 14th 2014

Let's hear it for the older generation

Nowadays technology is advancing rapidly and you have to keep up with the latest trends in technology as it’s a fundamental part of people’s day to day lives.
The stereotype that the older generation are not computer literate and tech savvy is nonsense -  we want to give them a bit more credit!
The inspiration for this post came from a truly delightful 90 year old gentleman who called to enquire about some products that he had seen online which he then ordered once he knew what he needed; he even managed to fix his own tap!
This customer definitely broke the stereotype – he had happily embraced and enjoyed using the internet but still wanted to talk to people.
An article by The Guardian (2014) shows that the number of people aged 65+ accessing the internet has jumped more than a quarter in the past year, particularly due to a surge in older people using tablets. This could be the reason why we’re hearing more and more from the ‘older generation’ via email and web enquiries. The article went on to say that although the number of older people using the internet has increased, the over 65s actually spend less time surfing the internet, so what do they use the internet for? The answer is to stay connected with the world and thus not feeling disconnected with the world and feeling lonely.
This gentleman has family all over the country and what he had to say about his internet usage was “I want to keep in touch with family and friends and  I like online shopping as it’s hard for me to get out. The internet has kept me connected with the outside world and I feel less lonely then when I didn’t use the internet”
What a great breath of fresh to hear this and it shows that technology isn’t for the young, anyone can get behind the latest technology and the internet. If it wasn’t for technology and the internet he wouldn’t be able to do much of his daily routine.  Here at Notjusttaps we salute the older generation for being ahead of times!
As a footnote, this lovely gentleman phoned us the next day to thank us for our prompt service – It shows that we can also learn some manners and basic human courtesy from that generation too!
Source:  (John Reynolds, 29/04/14)